Quick Spotlight on Garik from Alibaba

Quick Spotlight on Garik from Alibaba

In the emerging and exciting world of UX design there are all kinds of innovators and leaders who are setting trends and changing the way things are done. Of those individuals is Garik Margaryan from Alibaba who hasn’t been shy to let his love and passion for UX design show.

This quick spotlight on Garik from Alibaba may just help inspire others in the industry.  You can find a full spotlight on him on the DesignRush website.

Inspiration for Those Who Inspire Others

One of the top questions people have of Garik is just what makes him tick, what inspires him and motivates him. For Garik the answer is simple – you have to love what you’re doing. As Garik explains, it’s all about having a passion for something and then pursuing that passion. If you don’t like what you love, then as Garik says, why waste time doing it?

Garik also finds inspiration from others on such popular sites as Dribble and Pinterest. In fact, Garik finds himself checking these sites on a regular basis in order to find new and intriguing references. Garik also gives props to the Muzil browser plugin as a way to help keep him organized and on track.

Being Proud of Your Own Work

While many may only be able to name a few projects they feel proud of, for Garik the answer is quite different. Garik has found reasons to love all his projects, and considers himself very lucky in this regard. When asked if he could pick one project in particular that stood out in his portfolio he named the updating of the commercial gambling terminal provider and operator job. For him the job stood out because he got to optimize the hardware and software at the same time.

The project ended up being rather large all in hopes of improving the user experience. The challenge was one that inspired and stuck with Garik.

Does Garik Have Any Tools that Help Him?

Of course everyone has their own tricks of the trade and tools that make their job easier, and Garik is no exception. For Garik, the tool that he can’t live without is Sketch, which is a design tool. Garik uses Sketch to piece his designs together on the fly.

Another tool that he swears by is InVision, which is a quick and easy way to prototype for users. This is especially helpful when working with remote teams and various people.

Now what may be really surprising is that even though Garik is a huge fan of tools and apps meant to make his life easier, he’s still a fan of good old fashioned pen and paper for quick sketches and ideas.

Sticking with It for the Long Term

Because Garik loves the challenge of the design process and scope, it’s something he sees himself continuing for quite some time. It all goes back to finding something you love and then making it into your career. As Garik states, no two projects are ever alike, which helps to keep it interesting each and every day.

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