Creating Effective WordPress Theming

Creating Effective WordPress Theming

The appearance and functionality of your website and blog is important to how your audience will perceive it, including their compulsion to return to your site at a later time. WordPress templates enable you to create a website or blog that is aesthetically appealing, organized, and easy to manage.

Branding, meaning the consistent and recognizable visual and user elements of your company, is incredibly beneficial to a company because it produces a sense of reliability, detail, and quality that is difficult to obtain other ways. Studies have indicated that people tend to be extremely loyal to brands, and are more likely to patronize companies that are strongly and appealingly branded than those with little to no continuity.

Simply choosing a theme, however, is not enough to produce full beneficial effect, however. In order to maximize the potential advantages of WordPress themes it is important to use the most effective techniques. Some of these include:

Do Not Code Full URLs

There several opportunities during the coding of your theme that you will need to inject images, RSS feeds, or other elements that may tempt you to put a full URL into the code. This, however, can lead to errors and complications for you and other users of the theme.

Remember Navigation Codes

It can be easy to forget to use the appropriate codes for navigation. This includes the drop down menus that visitors will use to travel around your site and to other sites and pages that you may wish to connect.

Remember Your Niche

Keep in mind that your blog and website will be used by people specifically looking for information, products, and services related to your niche. In order to make your theming effective you must pay attention to creating an aesthetic that is appropriate for your niche. This means choosing a theme and customizing it in such a way that a visitor will immediately recognize the value of your site in regards to their individual needs.

You do not need to elect a theme that is absolutely the same as any other site or blog that is within your market. In fact, there is a lot to say for standing out against your competition. You must, however, create a platform that will make your visitors feel welcome and as if they will find the information and goods that they desire.

Maximize SEO

Driving traffic to your website or blog is the key to generating income or inspiring sales. If a potential audience cannot find you then there is no chance that they will become an actual customer. This is why you must gear your WordPress theme to attracting such traffic.

This starts by drawing in the internet spiders. These spiders are software that crawl across links and through pages in order to identify and index all of the words that are used on them. This information is then utilized by creating lists and databases that are consulted during a search engine inquiry. When an internet user inputs a search term in the search engine bar the system checks all of the indices created by the spiders in order to select those sites and pages that would be most appropriate for that search.

In order to maximize SEO efforts you will need to focus both on the content within your site or blog and the links that are naturally generated. WordPress themes are comprised of several elements that can be customized to contain content. Paying attention to the keywords that are included in these elements as well as the quality of the content will draw in the spiders and ensure that the pages are identified as worthy as high ranking.

Links should only be organic, meaning that they are acquired through natural activities rather than by spamming or purely with options such as article directories or forums. The spiders will follow these links to determine how well networked and respected the pages are so that they can be ranked appropriately.

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