Tips to Create Conversion-hungry Landing Page For WordPress

Tips to Create Conversion-hungry Landing Page For WordPress

Landing pages are nowadays the most trending topic amongst the website/business owners. But what is a Landing Page? Let me explain,

A page where the visitors land on your website is the landing page of your WordPress website. And when landing pages are talked about with the concept of marketing, it means a standalone page that is totally separate from the main website. Usually, landing pages are used with an aim of conversion, therefore the design of the landing page should be the same. The visitor should take some action on the page by reading once. Creating an effective landing page which will make you stand out of the crowd is a difficult task. Various things should be kept in mind while making it. Keep reading ahead, you will find certain hacks to create an effective  landing page for your WordPress website. Check out all the landing page tips given below:

Fascinating Headline

The headline is a first thing to which a visitor is attracted on the landing page. It is where the interest of the visitor begins. It should be such that it grabs the attention of the visitor. It should be a small summary of the entire website. A headline should serve the whole aspect of the service provided. Not only the text, but the design of the headline should be such that the visitor should think once to stay back on the page. The headline should never be more than twenty words, prefer it to ten only. Long headlines are most of the time ignored by the people, so be aware!

Influential Subheadline

The role of headline is to make people look on the landing page whereas the subheadline should be such that it makes the visitor stay on the landing page. Generally, the subheadline is kept directly beneath the headline. It should influence the visitor to read ahead completely. Created an exotic headline, but the subheadline is not found to be influencing the visitor, will not only increase the bounce rate but you may lose those visitors forever. It would slightly explain in depth than the headline. Ultimately, subheadline is an important aspect of a landing page.

CTA Always Matters

Every expert WordPress development company knows the improtance of Call to action. You need to mention at the end what action you want your visitor take after reading the content of the landing page. For an instance, you can use Subscribe Now! Call Now! Visit Us! Or any other relevant CTA according to your product or service. Don’t forget to use the relevant CTA on the landing page of your website.

Admirable Pictures

Reports say that brain understands the images faster as compared to text. A visitor would attract to the page immediately if he understands the image placed on the website. So the pictures used should be large, visible, understandable, and relevant to the product or service. The main thing to be thought here is the pictures should be high-quality. It should depict the concept of your product. Using visual elements can also be helpful to make them move ahead. An image similar to infographic can make more conversions to your landing page.

Limit Choice

Landing pages as we all know is about lead generation, so when a customer visits the landing page of your website, he should have only one option to move ahead. Ask them to subscribe your newsletters or download your eBooks before moving further to the website. If the visitor would like to go ahead, he will subscribe your newsletter and this is where your goal is almost achieved. If you have an amazing design of your landing page and in that design, if the visitor has only option, he will surely subscribe to go on to the next page of the website.

Proper and Appropriate Explanation

Hence comes last but not the least aspect which matters to the design of the landing page, Proper and Appropriate Explanation. Your landing page design is wonderful, the user even comes to it and stays there to read the content. But if he does not understand what your product is about, he won’t convert. An appropriate explanation is always necessary for a landing page. Explaining all the points straight away are always best. It should be integrated with your headline.

A perfect explanation should be a combination of your headline, sub headline, image, and subscription offer. None of these will explain appropriately about the product or service on the website, so mention a separate paragraph to explain everything about the product or service. It should not be just the explanation, it should be beneficial, functional and would be appropriate.

There might be dozens of things to be kept in mind. But keeping these things would help you create a customer-hungry and effective landing page for your WordPress website.

Author bio:

The author is Aadil Bandi, Working with Elsner Technologies, A Wordpress Development Company in the USA. He occasionally writes technology blogs and creates digital marketing and content marketing strategies for Elsner.