The 10 Best Plugins For a WordPress Website

The 10 Best Plugins For a WordPress Website

There are a lot of things to consider when deciding to pick out a building method and host for a new a website. First, it is always a good idea to have a domain hosted on a site known for having award-winning reseller hosting options. Aside from reseller hosting options, there are several places to host, which also allows using WordPress to build a highly functional and well-designed Internet site.

Using WordPress is a good way to increase the site’s monetary value, its page rank on Google and the page authority score. As a site builder and design method, WordPress is the superior option, and any other method behind it on a rank list may as well be considered prehistoric. There is a set of functions defined by one word, which makes WordPress the undisputed champion of site design, and the functions are known as the plugins, and if the right ones are used properly and integrated properly, then they are some of the most powerful tools on the entire Internet. There are thousands of different plugins for a myriad of purposes. Some plugins are free and some are not, but when superior marketing, professional looking aesthetics and technical considerations are all desired simultaneously, then there are 10 WordPress plugins site owners must have.

The 10 Plugins Required for Designing an Incredible, High-Functioning and Purpose-Driven Website

Most of these are free, and they should all be the primary plugins for a website with a purpose. Website builders are free to use more plugins, especially with different purposes, services or products driving the site, but the following 10 plugins with brief descriptions for each need to be downloaded immediately, and they need to be properly integrated by the site’s manager or managers, so both the plugins and anyone using them can work with maximum synergy.

1. Akismet

This plugin use to be the most popular for download, but now there is no need to download it. It is now part of the package when using the WordPress CMS to filter out spam comments.

Download Price: Free

2. Digg Digg

This plugin helps take advantage of the social media craze by using a floating bar with icons over the content. The purpose of the floating social media icons is so people can share the sites content instantly.

Download Price: Free

3. W3 Total Cache

Website caching all depends on the type of website, which is on topic. A full cache can slow down loading and functions, and speed impacts SEO. This plugin offers a variety of cache cleaning options.

Download Price: Free

4. 404 Redirected

This is another useful plugin for the way the site looks and the SEO of the site. Site owners and managers should pay more attention to broken links because they’re ugly and hurt SEO. This plugin will display the site’s broken links.

Download Price: Free

5. Gravity Forms

This is a comprehensive plugin used to create forms for websites geared towards collecting customer information and other data, which may end up assisting in revenue increases. There are many more like it, but this one is the best.

Download Price: $39 to $199

6. Visual Composer for WordPress

Average users with little knowledge of how coding or CSS works use this plugin to make their page look like a coding prodigy designed it, and it assists in making the layout efficiency better.

Download Price: $25

7. WordPress SEO by Yoast

There are a lot of SEO focused plugins on WordPress, but this one is by the best. It evaluates every post at every step, and it scores it based on the most modern SEO rules.

Download Price: Free for Basic

8. BackupBuddy

The BackupBuddy plugin performs am important function easily, which every site owner must. It backs up the site in case of any data crash, hacks or some other unforeseen event. Everything gets backed up, including other plugins and WordPress core data. The backed up data is then stored on another host or multiple other hosts. The plugin also performs the task on a selected schedule.

Download Price: $80 to $197

9. Enhanced Text Widget

This plugin allows for the manipulation of any widgets added to the site. It can change HTML or CSS, change the name of the widget, add wording and a host of techniques important to customizing the site.

Download Price: Free

10. Content Aware Sidebars

This plugin adds considerable power to content management capabilities by allowing more space to be made for additional widgets, links to other pages and much more.

Download Price: Free

The Greatest Content Management System Ever Made

Choosing a provider with reseller hosting options and WordPress, in order to use the optimum business plugins, is a sign of a brilliant designer and an efficient administrator. There is no content management system more prolific or better than WordPress. If a fellow site designer is still skeptical about the power and genius of WordPress in the Internet world, then some mind-blowing information will be a great way to end things, so the reader can try and grasp the magnitude of importance WordPress and its plugins have.

WordPress is the most popular with business sites, news sites are the least popular and there are five times as many top business sites as their are news sites, which makes WordPress a key player in global commerce. Another tidbit about WordPress, which is also funny, is WordPress is one of the highest-ranking subjects to blog about, and it offers the most popular free blogging platform. Also, as of 2014, there was well over 75.5 million sites powered by the WordPress content management system, and there were over 29,000 plugins, with more being added daily.

Finally, and this attests to the competency of WordPress plugins more than anything, WordPress gets more unique visits than Amazon every month by a substantial number, and Amazon employs over 88,000 people. WordPress only employed 229 people in 2014, and it still has lightening fast response times. Plugins might be the greatest and most efficient things to happen to website design and management. Make sure WordPress is considered as highly as hosting options when picking a host.