15 Stunningly Designed WordPress Business Themes

15 Stunningly Designed WordPress Business Themes

The thing with business themes is that more often than not they are mundane or bland which eventually makes your content, products, and services look equally boring. So, while you might be spending copious amounts of money on your products, services and brand marketing, you might very well be losing on a lot of traffic and eventually sales if you do not have an effective website backed by an elegant and functional theme.

Fortunately, there are a few bunch of great business WordPress themes available but picking up the right one for your website from the sea of options that are provided becomes a little more than daunting. This is especially because there are a lot of themes that promise to be cool and everything without actually delivering on the made promises. That is exactly where we come in. To eliminate that very problem, in this post we have collected 15 Stunningly Designed WordPress Business Themes that have all the great functional and design embellishments that your business will require to reach the highest highs of success.

1. Coupon

Coupon is a great theme for coupon businesses that has all the great design and functional features that will help you to sell more coupons. Besides that, the theme will also allow you to impress your visitors and attract more sales through its highly professional and fully customizable features. It is certainly one of the Best WordPress Business Themes which will help you to boost your sales and generate maximum revenue from your coupon website.


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2. Business

“Business” is a corporate style theme that is ideal for businesses across all niches and categories. The theme uses the inbuilt power of WordPress and converts that into something beautiful with its clean and professional design on top of other features that will help you to attract new customers and keep the older ones intrigued enough to keep them coming back for more.


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3. Spacious

Spacious, as the name suggests, has clean and open space as its strongest fortè that puts the focus right where it should be, that is, the services and products you are offering. The theme is coded considering the best coding practices and with close attention paid to every detail that essentially makes it great for your business, blogging or any other type of website for that matter.


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4. Talon Pro

Equally suited for both freelancers and companies, Talon Pro is a theme with all the features that makes is truly unique and able to represent both these businesses elegantly. The theme also features an optimum level of customizations and embeds latest technologies that make it great for any other type of website as well.

talon pro

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5. Company

The best part of this theme is that using this theme, building a website for your company or business becomes extremely easy. The theme also has a bunch of business-focused features that will help you to publish the details of your services in addition to sharing client testimonials and present everything in a clean portfolio.


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6. Struct

Looking for something for your software business? Struct has got you covered with all its features that make it great for software centered websites. In addition to that, the theme is also perfect for SaaS, start-ups and mobile apps.


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7. Builders

If you are running a construction business or anything related to that, then Builders might just be the one for you. The theme has been designed to cater to all the needs of the construction industry and also allows you to sell tools and services online right from the homepage.


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8. Dhrubok

Planning to build a niche website for your business while still maintaining all the control over all the elements? DhruBook is the right one for you. The theme has everything that you will ever need to build a website for an agency, construction, finance, cleaning service, maid, maintenance, painting, and decoration.


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9. Expertz

Some of the things that make this theme stand out from the rest of the crowd are its easy to setup nature which is even easier to customize. These and a lot of other features work together to help you build an effective company, industry, finance and similar business websites.


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10. West Pro

West Pro has everything you will need to build a business website that can attract more visitors and keep the older ones coming back for more. The theme is bundled with premium features like Live Composer Integration, fonts and color controls, blog options, custom header options and much more.

west pro

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11. Foxy

Foxy is a sleek and all-in-one solutions for all type of businesses. The WooCommerce integration makes it ideal for eCommerce websites and the striking design with excellent typography makes it ideal for content rich websites. In a nutshell, the theme strikes a perfect balance between simplicity and stunning design to give you something great for any website you wish to use it for.


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12. Designbiz

Versatility is the strongest forte of this theme which essentially makes it great to empower a company, portfolio, blog and testimonial rich websites. To further enhance the experience of your users you can use the theme’s social links, popular/new posts and contact details in the sidebar to help people find more of what you are offering.


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13. Technico

Another construction business centered theme that has all the features and technical functions that will allow you to present your business in style and also helps you sell services and products directly from the homepage. The theme also has a modern and responsive design on top of stunning layouts with a lot of headings and sections with a slew of top-end features.


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14. PointPro

A premium theme for professionals with all the features that will allow you to compete and then beat the top players in any niche you wish to excel in. The theme has a modern and responsive design with a lot of headings and a bunch of other advanced features.


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15. Corporate

As the name suggests, Corporate is a theme for corporate businesses in particular and other similar businesses in general. The theme will elegantly show your experience, portfolio, team members, and services and help you grow client relationships and eventually accentuate the quality of your online presence.


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