All You Need To Know About Lodester WordPress Theme

All You Need To Know About Lodester WordPress Theme

Are you a web designer looking out for a WordPress theme that can be used to build a single page website for your client? Many startup companies love to have a slow start. So, they prefer to have a single page website designed by a professional and then later on move to a multi page website.

What is a Single Page Website?

A single page website is a website that contains only one page. When the user clicks on a link, it will scroll down or point to that particular section in the website.

Benefits of a Single Page Website

Single page websites are usually used by small organizations or startup companies as it is cost effective and easy to manage. Single page websites are convenient to use, as there is only one way to go; that is to go or scroll down. Any person can use the website from any device without any difficulty. As you scroll down, you can see more content in a single page website.

Designing a single page website is not an easy task. A designer needs to use a very good WordPress theme, so that all the information is presented in a professional and standardized way to the users.  There are many WordPress templates you can use to build an efficient and easy to use single page website. The latest template to join the list is the Lodester WordPress theme.

Lodester WordPress Theme

Lodester WordPress theme is designed by Mel Choyce. It is a perfect WordPress theme that can be used to build a beautiful looking and easy to use business website for small organizations.

Using this WordPress theme, it is easy for designers to prepare a single page website that includes all the relevant details about the organization. You can also include images to make your website attractive.

Features of Lodester WordPress Theme

4 Panels

When you first activate the Lodester WordPress theme, it will display the content in a traditional format, but designers can modify it according to their imagination. Using the Lodester WordPress theme, it is easy to create a front page with content panels. You can use a single image and include the content below the image. The designer is able to add multiple panels easily and each panel will be created from the static page. Lodester supports adding up to 4 panels. It is easy to create location and contact panel using the Lodester WordPress theme. The designer can even include a Google map to make your single page website more professional.


Lodester WordPress theme supports widgets. The designer can add widgets to the side and footer areas. In case you are using the Lodester WordPress theme to build a multi-page website, you must make sure your sidebar widget appears in all the pages of the website.

Testimonials Plugin

Lodester WordPress theme supports adding the Testimonials plugin. Testimonial plugins are one of the best ways to market your website as you can include testimonials of customers to attract new visitors.

Infinite Scroll

Another interesting feature of the Lodester WordPress theme is that it supports the infinite scrolling option. So, the users can scroll down without facing any difficulty.

Apart from these features, the Lodester WordPress theme also provides the users with custom colors, custom background colors, customized menus custom header and custom fonts.


Building a single page website can be made easy by using a proper WordPress theme. Even though there are many WordPress themes that allow designers to create a good looking single page website, Lodester WordPress theme offers a few exciting features that makes it one of the best WordPress themes for single page websites. So, the next time when you think of creating a single page website, try using Lodester WordPress theme for creating a single page professional looking website with all the exciting features your customer wishes to use.

This article is written by Catharina on behalf of AmeriSleep.

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