Common Errors Found in the History of WordPress

Common Errors Found in the History of WordPress

WordPress made the process of sharing your content online, easy and exciting. Powering 31{f48cdb843be78821f3e6bad1e0e37d22b133730599e0a9a60c52ba26b491813c} of all websites, this Content Management System (CMS) is a great tool for the novice and experienced users alike. However, like any other platform, WordPress has its share of errors too. The good news is that being an open-source platform and having thousands of developers from around the world working non-stop to make it error-free, most errors/bugs get reported and resolved soon.

In this article, we will look at some common errors found in WordPress and touch upon the ways you can fix them.

1. Internal Server Error

This is arguably one of the most common WordPress errors. It is also confusing to most beginners since it indicates that something is wrong but the server cannot determine the exact problem.

While there are many tips for experienced or technically savvy WordPress users, if you are a novice then it is recommended to contact the server administrator and get it resolved. Most issues have already been identified and the administrator will be able to provide a solution for the same.

2. Syntax Error

As the name suggests, this error occurs when you either write a code with an incorrect syntax or when you miss out something while trying to add code snippets into WordPress.

The error message specifies the syntax error found and the location of the script along with the line number. Fixing this issue involves correcting the syntax. An example of a syntax error is as follows:

3. Error Establishing a Database Connection

This error is also self-explanatory but can be tricky to fix. Typically, a user faces this error when he incorrectly modifies the database credentials like database username and/or password, host, etc. The error can also occur if the database has become corrupt or unresponsive.

Following the steps mentioned in the error usually solves the problem. If not, then contacting your host is the recommended solution.

4. The White Screen of Death

The most puzzling error is the one which has no error message. Commonly known as the White Screen of Death, this error gives you a blank white screen with no indication of where to look or what to do. This error results in you getting locked out of the WordPress admin panel and can affect only certain parts of your website. For example, you might see this screen only on the WordPress admin while everything else works fine.

There can be various reason behind this error like exhausting the memory limit, a faulty plugin or theme, problem with the hosting server or a corrupted WordPress core. If you are new to WordPress, then you need to get technical assistance to solve this.


This is just a small list of the common errors that you can face while using WordPress. However, as mentioned earlier, most of these errors have already been detected, reported and resolved by the active WordPress community. All you need to do is reach out to the WordPress forums and find the answers.

Keeping your WordPress core, plugins and themes updated is one of the easiest ways to avoid a majority of such errors. Also, regular backups can ensure that you don’t lose any data due to these errors. Many WordPress hosting providers offer features like automatic updates, backups, and security that can help you avoid these errors and have a seamless experience. If you have come across these errors and have found a different way of fixing them, then do share your experience with us in the comments below.