The Best WordPress Knowledge Base Wiki Plugin

The Best WordPress Knowledge Base Wiki Plugin

If you sell anything, you need a Knowledge Base, and we have found the best one for your website. Let’s see why Helpie Knowledgebase wiki plugin will have a lasting impact on your support, sales and user experience.

Let me point out that Helpie is not the only Knowledge Base plugin out there, but it sure is the best. Here are 20 reasons why:

  1. Fully Customisable branding:
    Helpie KB Wiki plugin comes with striking styling features to make your knowledge base your own. Your brand shines through the front while the powerful KB software provides the muscle under the hood.With Helpie’s styling features you can:
    – Add colors, gradients, vectors and background images to your hero section
    – Style the search box
  1. Frontend Editing:

If you have more than one person collaborating on your KB, docs or wiki, you need a robust frontend editing tool. This is what Helpie provides for you, seamless collaboration, access control/edit permission, etc.

The frontend features are still being improved to make it a full-fledged wiki system.

  1. User Access Control:

Helpie’s user access control system helps you restrict access to specific users. You can also limit access to specific categories of content to specific user roles.

This works great for personal coaches or websites with multiple levels of users.

  1. Password-Protect:
    With password protect, you can password protect specific categories and share the password with specific people. You can also create a single password for multiple user groups.
  2. Partial Match Search:

A KB Wiki’s search is very crucial to the user experience. Hence we have built a partial match system to Helpie’s search.

Why is this important?

Aren’t we all used to typing in a close but not exact keyword in Google’s search? This is an inherent behavior we have developed over time that doesn’t go away. This is why we made sure; your wiki users could have a similar experience.

  1. Keyword Weight based Search:
    Again, we have taken inspiration from Google search to return results prioritized by keyword weight and frequency of the keyword in the title, content, tags, etc.
  2. Live search autosuggest:
    Helpie’s search uses the above superpowers and gives you live auto-suggestions as you type in. This is the first and most important experience your users will have in your Knowledge Base / Wiki / Docs.

This is also very important for them to find what they were looking for fast, and hence improve your support, reduce support cost and increase user engagement.

  1. Template customisation:

With Helpie, you can customise your single page, category page and main page with sidebar choices, positioning, etc.

  1. Category Listing templates:
    There are 3 different types of category listing options that you can choose from as of now. You can use them to present your categories, sub-category or articles under categories.
  2. Automatic Table of Contents:

Automatic Table of contents is a powerful feature, especially when you have long articles. This feature automatically converts your heading tags ( h1, h2, h3, etc ) into jump-to links in your table of contents ( in your sidebar ). You practically have to do nothing except turning on this feature.

  1. Breadcrumbs:
    Helpie’s breadcrumbs enable your users to know where they are on your wiki at any time and helps them navigate to and fro.
  1. Full KB Wiki Navigation:
    Helpie’s full KB wiki navigation shows all the categories in your wiki and also the articles under them.Note that when you have restricted a user to certain categories, only those categories will show up in the full kb wiki for those users.
  1. Added / Updated Tags:
    You can also add special tags like ‘added’ tag to show when the article was added. A product documentation wiki can use this to show when ( version number ) a feature ( talked about in the article ) was added.

Same goes for an updated tag; you can use it to say when an article was updated.

  1. Category Reordering:
    You can use Helpie’s category reordering drag and drop feature to reorder your categories. Super simple, super useful.
  2. Recent Articles Module:
    You can enable Helpie’s recent articles module to show the most recent articles on your homepage or anywhere else, using the shortcode.
  3. Comments, Voting and Insights:

Helpie has inbuilt support for WordPress’ commenting system and you can enable or disable commenting on your wiki articles.

Helpie has two types of voting system, the classic voting, and the emo voting. The emo-voting is super useful to access your users’ emotional response.

Helpie Insights is a powerful tool to analyze how you can improve your wiki. It shows your:

  • Most happy/unhappy users
  • Most liked/disliked articles
  • User search insights
  1. WPML support:

Helpie fully supports and is compatible with WPML translation plugin. You can add multiple translations of your wiki and use WPML’s switch button to let your users access it.

  1. Elementor, Visual Builder and Divi plugin support:
    Helpie is compatible with all major page builder plugins including Elementor, Visual Builder and Divi page builders.
  2. 5-star rated support:
    An excellent plugin with extraordinary support. Reading Helpie’s reviews will tell you just how good their support is. Average response time to support queries is 1-hour, and most often questions are answered with 15 minutes.
  3. Frequent updates:
    Helpie has big plans. They continually update their plugin to improve the product, fix any minor bugs they might discover and consider user feedback with thoughtful consideration.

Try Helpie Plugin now for free from their website.