Why Your Next Website Should Be Developed With Python

Why Your Next Website Should Be Developed With Python

Python is high level scripting language that is highly extendible in C++ and C. There are other scripting languages you can choose like VBScript and JavaScript, but Python offers advantages over these languages, and includes extensive support libraries.

There are some inherent advantages inside Python including its English language-like syntax that makes it easy to understand for beginners and its familiar syntax makes programmers productive very fast. It makes it easy to hire Python developers.

Python has the following qualities that make it a good language for your organization:

  • Highly Extendible
  • High Level
  • Dynamic
  • Portable
  • Modular
  • Extensible in C++, C
  • Object-oriented

Drives Productivity

Python gives you access to develop web services using COBRA and COM. You can easily create web services with Python that can be consumed by any app of any origin. Python’s flexibility is critical to making your projects faster to market. From conception to going live, Python will allow you to onboard novice programmers faster and add flexibility in its ability to extend to C++ and C. Overall it makes your development group more productive.

The high-level nature of Python also means that less code equals more productivity. This means that Python code can accomplish more in less space than Java, C or C++ code. The high-level data types are the key here. Less declarations means less code being written per developer. This is a more efficient work environment.

Efficiency in Flexibility

The extendibility into C and C++ means you can go back at anytime and make changes in these coding languages and/or leverage existing code in these languages to work with your Python work. Flexibility always means better efficiency.

Now what does this mean for your organization? The organizations best positioned to take advantage of this language are those with teams that already have some experience with it or have copious amounts of legacy C and C++ code. Integration of Python will be easier and it can be used alongside existing code.

Time to code for new developers will be very short as it is extremely easy to learn. In house scripting will most likely be either VB, C, C++, C#, JavaScript or Perl. Any of these languages are prime competitors for Python, but all are harder to learn than Python.

Compile Time

We also need to address the elephant in the room. Yes, the compile time of scripts written in Python is longer than JavaScript, Java or some lower level languages. This is a common situation. Generally, the higher level the language and the more English-like the language, the longer the compile time.

This is nothing specific to Python, it is the nature of this type of language. The reality is that server side scripts are compiled are runtime, and mid-level languages like C, C++ run faster, but they are harder to write and expertise takes longer to develop.

Competitive Advantage

If you want to get more developers up and running faster on projects, using a language like Python offers your organization a competitive advantage over single language shops using these types of code. It would be an unfair assessment not to mention this negative point, in comparing Python to other languages.

Python also offers some of the positive points of Java utilizing a garbage collector and enhanced security similar to the positive aspects of Java.

The language was designed to incorporate many of the positive points of existing scripting languages with some of the benefits of the most popular web application development languages. This makes Python a great all around choice for your next project. Please take all these ideas into account when you are planning your next project.

Author bio: Anubhuti Shrivastava is a content writer atĀ Arkenea, a custom software development company that builds custom mobile and web apps for entrepreneurs and enterprises.


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