What is ASP.NET?

What is ASP.NET?

Now, developers have great opportunities for implementing projects of any complexity. And all these thanks to a large number of frameworks that optimize the process of writing and running web applications. Each of them has its advantages, so novice web professionals can get lost in the choice of structure. Today we’ll talk in more detail about the ASP.NET framework.

What is ASP.net development?

ASP.NET is an advanced platform for developing various types of web applications, including complex interactive websites and ending with API services. This technology was created by Microsoft as a result of combining the best ASP solutions (active server pages) and the .NET Framework. The platform was created in the early 2000s to make the development cycle faster and maintenance easier.

If you are interested in creating a business website on this AP.net core framework, you can safely contact the Brights company. This technology allows you to create and deploy applications for operation in any operating system (Windows, Linux, macOS, and Docker) and is focused on the implementation of projects of medium and high complexity.

What are the benefits of ASP.net development service?

ASP.net is a good solution for developers with any level of experience and professional knowledge. A prerequisite is knowledge of the basics of HTML. The framework has more simplified settings compared to other platforms. You can use any environment for development, including a text editor (if you have access to IIS).

ASP.net development of the project provides the ability to quickly scale up and complicate the modification of the project in the future.

The following advantages of ASP.NET should be noted:

  • MVC architecture: this principle provides separation between the individual parts of the application, so if you make changes to one of the components, this will not affect the rest of the elements. Using this architectural model allows you to optimize the development process, testing, and troubleshooting.
  • Increased productivity: ASP.NET development provides faster website page loading speed than PHP. This is achieved through the use of compiled programming languages ​​in the ASP.NET framework.
  • Low cost: ASP.NET code can be written in any free text editor. For this purpose, companies can use the licensed version of the Microsoft Visual Studio application, the price of which is many times lower than similar tools on other platforms.
  • Simplified integrated development environment: the system includes an extended set of tools with which to optimize the project development process.
  • Enhanced security model: ASP.NET development provides enhanced server protection against unauthorized penetration of third parties.

Of course, the authority and experience of the Microsoft developer company, which provides technical support for the system, plays an important role in the trust of specialists in ASP.NET. Microsoft is constantly working to improve its products, so you can be sure that ASP.NET development will remain relevant in the IT market.