3 Applications of SaaS Small Businesses Can Benefit From

3 Applications of SaaS Small Businesses Can Benefit From

Cloud computing has come a long way in the last decade. We have rapidly transitioned from cloud technology being all about online storage to the situation we have today where it enables people and businesses to take advantage of the combined computing power of multiple individual servers and systems.

Software as a service (SaaS) is a natural step in the evolution of cloud computing. By hosting software on remote servers, it’s possible for businesses to access and use it without having to worry about the infrastructure requirements, such as the hardware requirement to run it.

Businesses today are increasingly turning to SaaS as an easier and more affordable way of acquiring the services they need. Here are three of the most important applications of SaaS for small businesses.


If a small business is already using SaaS, it is most likely to be for accounting. Moving your accounting into the cloud offers a number of benefits, but one of the most important is the data security. If you keep all of your business accounts in a ledger or on a hard drive, then they will only last as long as the physical medium does.

On the other hand, using a cloud-based platform will mean that your important data exists in more than one place and will be kept secure. When it comes to accounting SaaS, the two big players are Xero and Quickbooks Online, you can find out more about them here – https://www.piesync.com/blog/xero-vs-quickbooks-online. Piesync compares the two platforms and offers some useful insights.

Collaboration Software

One of the biggest advantages of cloud computing for businesses is the potential it offers for collaboration. If different teams within your business are working on different projects, fostering collaboration between them should be a top priority. The better your workforce is at collaborating, the more confidently they can take on more complicated projects.

The right SaaS platform can facilitate collaboration in a number of ways. The tools contained within these collaborative software packages are designed to facilitate communications, file exchange, and conferencing. By enabling your workers to communicate and exchange ideas more freely, the right collaboration software can transform your business.

HR Software

A small business will have very different HR needs to large corporations. However, businesses are increasingly using a particular HR platform when they are just starting out, then simply customizing the service to scale with them as they grow. By utilizing cloud-based HR platforms, it is much easier for a small business to scale their service while staying with the same provider.

Taking this approach is much easier than working with one system when you are a small business and then having to switch to something completely different as your business grows. Having to switch over to a whole new system will only get more expensive as your business grows. Not only will it cost money, it will also cost your business time. That’s not even considering the potential need to retrain staff.

SaaS has a great deal to offer modern businesses, both large and small. Next time you find yourself considering buying some new software for your business, ask yourself if a cloud-based solution might be better.