Top Tips For Designing An Appealing Business Logo

Top Tips For Designing An Appealing Business Logo

Easily one of the most overlooked elements of starting a business is designing a logo for that business. Your logo is more than just a logo. It’s the symbol of your business and it’s how customers and ordinary folks are going to recognize it.

That’s why having a good logo is absolutely essential for marketing your business and making it more resourceful.

Here are the top tips for designing an appealing business logo:

Seek Professional Help

By far, the first and biggest tip that you should follow when designing a logo for your business is to not even design it yourself, but rather, to seek professional help from a professional graphic design artist or company who does it for a living such as Flashmarks. Yes, it’s an investment, but it’s one that will be well worth it.

Try To Stick To Two Colors

The fewer the colors you use in your logo, the better, and you’ll want to try to stick to two if possible. Three is permissible (for example, Pepsi uses blue, red, and white), but even so you risk making your logo too complicated in that case. Two colors will definitely be more preferable.

You should also stick with those two colors with your other marketing and business tools to help make things more uniform. For example, if you’re going to create an app for your business, include the same colors that you used with your logo.

Create A Logo That’s Active and Not Passive

A business logo that is active can have a massive psychological impact on any customer. For example, the Nike ‘swish’ is probably the most famous active logo in existence, and it compels the customer to go and actually buy sports related clothing from them.

The alternative to making your logo active is to at least make it welcoming. For example, a number of years ago, Wal-Mart modified their logo to make the blue ‘Wal-Mart’ font lighter while also including a yellow sun at the end. This logo singlehandedly made Wal-Mart seem less corporate-like and more like an inviting grocery store for everyday people.

Use Custom Type/Fonts

Times New Roman? Arial? Courier? Calibri?

None of these fonts belong anywhere in your logo or business brand name because they’re literally everywhere. They’re not unique and they will only make your logo and brand seem boring.

Instead, use more unique or even custom fonts instead, which people love. It is important to remember that the fonts need to be bold and easily readable. If people have to squint or closely examine your logo to find out what it’s saying, that’s a problem. Instead, they should be able to glance at it and instantly see what it says.

Designing An Appealing Business Logo

Again, having an appealing logo designed for your business is not something that you want to overlook. When the time does come to create a logo, keep the above tips in mind.