8 Most Powerful Marketing Strategies to Use in 2019

8 Most Powerful Marketing Strategies to Use in 2019

Starting and growing a business is not easy. Running a business is more than just identifying a need and creating unique solutions. You need a solid marketing strategy to generate leads, drive sales, and expand your customer base.

The type of marketing strategy that you use may depend on the business that you do. Different marketing strategies can work in various situations. If a strategy has worked for you in the past, it’s not necessarily a guarantee that it will work again. For this reason, you have to continually measure your ROI (Return on Investment) to determine what is working and what’s not.

Customer metrics is another vital area to keep an eye on when implementing a strategy. Measuring customer satisfaction metrics offers insights into what is working and thus you are able to optimize. Customer satisfaction is crucial for improving loyalty rate, retaining your customers, and reducing costs.

Here are some of the most powerful marketing strategies that you can use to grow your business in 2019:

1. Create a High-Performance Website

Today, a website is one of the most valuable assets for your business. Since the internet has become a common source of information, a lot of people are now searching for things online when they want something. Therefore, every business should create a website to enhance their online presence and showcase their services and products to their prospects.

If you have a well-designed, easy-to-navigate, and mobile-responsive website, then most people will be able to find all the information that they need quickly and with ease. Good web design can influence your audience and lets you stand out from the rest.  A website builds brand visibility, credibility, and boosts your reputation as an authority.

Today, designing a website is not as expensive as it was a decade ago. The cost of setting up a website has reduced as there are several cheap domains and hosting platforms that you can use, including WordPress, SiteGround, and Bluehost, and more.

2. Build a Blog

If you create an online presence through blogging, then you can reach a lot of your prospects through it. Nowadays, most customers first search for what they want online. Research shows that at least 67% of the people who blog receive more leads compared to those that don’t. That indicates that blogging has become one of the most powerful marketing strategies to use in 2019.

A blog can help drive online traffic to your website. So, if you regularly publish fresh, informative, and mobile-friendly content, you can build trust with potential buyers. It is a sign that you have demonstrated a level of expertise in your field. Customers prefer to work with companies that understand their needs and challenges as well as can authentically address them.

3. Engage in Social Media Marketing

A vast majority of your customers are using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Social media is one of the best marketing strategies that you cannot afford to ignore.

Almost half of the world population is actively using social media platforms today. Therefore, if you create useful and entertaining social media posts, then you can boost your online presence and attract more prospects.

Research shows that around 67% of consumers use social media for customer support, and 33% prefer using social media platforms instead of other methods like making a call. So, it’s essential to be on social media because if you are not, then customers will go for your competitor who is present on their preferred social media platforms.

You can Buzzsumo or Ahref to identify the social channel that your buyer persona uses more often and choose to focus on it for marketing. Publish and post content accompanied by relevant graphics that address the buyer persona pain points regularly on your social media channels. Keep evaluating the results and improve on the strategy until it offers you a good ROI.

4. Optimize Blog Posts for SEO

According to Google, there are over 63,000 online searches per second on any particular day. If you want your business to rank higher on search engines, then you must consider optimizing your blog posts for SEO (Search engine optimization).

If you invest in SEO, then you grow your online visibility levels, which can help you reach more people and grow your business. Focus on building useful content about a core topic and improve both your off-page and on-page SEO.

5. Participate in Email Marketing

Email marketing is the backbone of digital marketing. In most cases, the people that visit your site for the first time do not buy from you immediately. If you capture their contact information, you can design email marketing campaigns to engage them better later. With new interactions and lead nurturing efforts, conversion rates will be high.

You can offer something attractive and compelling to act as the lead magnet that will appeal to your web visitors in exchange for their email address. That can include a free digital download, site membership, a free service, a coupon, and more. Once you have collected their email addresses, you can display your authority and credibility to them by offering valuable content.

Email marketing sequences are not only low cost but also are easy to set-up and automate. Also, it helps you to offer immediate communication, and you can easily segment your subscribers based on email responses and clicks.

6. Try Influencer Outreach

Another smart marketing strategy involves leveraging influencers. Influencer outreach can be equated to the modern day online word of mouth. The approach consists of reaching out to the industry experts, business leaders, review sites, or respected commentators to get them to endorse and talk about your business.

When building your influencer campaigns, you need to follow the latest trends in influencer marketing. That will let you earn the business, attention, and respect from your target audience quickly.

Several influencer marketing platforms, including Followerwonk, Pitchbox, and BuzzSumo, can help you identify as well as target influencers. Get the right influencers so that you can target the right audience. First, assess your needs before you reach out to the influencers and gauge their pricing. When you want to gain more visibility, then influencer marketing is the most likely right marketing strategy for you.

7. Use Paid Advertising

You can make use of paid ads to help you skyrocket your cold outreach ROI. With this type of advertising, you have to pay for the action that you want your customers to make. They include creating LinkedIn ads, Facebook ads, and using Google Adwords.

Paid advertising comes in different categories, including Pay per Click, Pay per Install, Pay per Download, Pay per acquisition, video ads, and display ads, and more. Different paid advertising options can perform better than others in specific industries. This strategy may offer you instantaneous results, unlike using the other forms of advertising.

8. Conduct Video Marketing

Research shows that video marketing drives at least a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines. If you include a video on your landing page, it can increase conversions by 80%.

Video is one of the most natural types of content to consume. That is because people are quickly drawn to visual media and can process images faster than text.

When you offer a demo of what you are selling in a video or, use a video to explain a case study in a meaningful and engaging manner, then you reach more people. If you have the skill, you can create the videos, but if you don’t, then you can outsource the task to an expert or an agency.