4 Tips to Optimize Google Ads Conversion Rates

4 Tips to Optimize Google Ads Conversion Rates

Conversion rate might be described as a success rate at convincing people to click on your ads and to complete the desired goal (conversion) – a product or service purchase, for instance. The process of conversion rate optimization (CRO) includes optimizing your sponsored search ads, website design and landing pages.

Though it is a lot of time and resources taking process, it’s a great way to increase your sales without spending more on advertising. Depending on your industry and business model, conversion rates can be various. But if you want to reach a high conversion rate, your goal is to make the highest percentage of users to complete a conversion.

Before you start to optimize your conversion rate, you have to get a conversion tracking, because if you can’t count your conversions then you cannot even predict how to increase them. This tool will help you have a clear picture of how much advertising investment returns.

Choose the right keywords

When thinking about conversion rate optimization, the first thing that pops up is thoroughly chosen keywords. If you have already selected, for instance, free advertising on Google with Clever Ads, this online advertising company can help you a lot when looking for the right keywords. But if you want to do the research yourself, it is very important to note that the better keywords traffic data is, the better is your decision on optimizing your website.

If you want to change the present match types for your active ads, take some time to analyze which match type your keywords have converted in when looking at your search terms. This will help you to focus better on how people search for your products or services online.

Choosing the right keywords does also improve your campaign’s click-through-rate (CTR). When calculating the Quality Score, Google takes into account your CTR and it is important to note that you have to pay less per click when the Quality Score is higher.

Optimize your landing page

One of the most important things when increasing conversion rates, is the design of your landing page. Without optimizing a landing page, you will probably lose potential customers right after they head to your site and it can also decrease your Quality Score, while optimizing a landing page may induce more customers to convert.

For the best optimization results, your landing page should include:

  • Captivating headline – along with relevant content may increase more interest for potential customers. If you’re not sure about your headline’s quality, you can check it with a headline analyzer.
  • Eye-catching CTA – call-to-action button should be perfectly visible and look attractive.
  • Appealing and targeted copy – the content of your landing page should clearly state your offer, include the relevant keywords, catchy images; it shouldn’t be loaded with long texts.

When optimizing a landing page, you have to make your customer’s experience more pleasant. Align the ad copy with the landing page that it wouldn’t deceive customers and decrease their trust. Try to put yourself at a user’s position to notice any flaws that might affect your page’s performance.

Test your landing page design (A/B testing) 

Another great way to optimize your conversion rate is to manage A/B testing. It is a process of testing different elements on a website or a landing page, such as layout, copy, colors, call-to-action buttons, etc. A/B testing is to the same group of people with only two variants of a website to choose from. Then the conversions are tracked and which website looks more striking and has a higher conversion rate is being selected for the campaign. 

Though the landing page takes an important part in increasing your conversion rate, you have to test as many different elements on your landing page as you can. Take one element by one and identify the ones that will ensure the best chances to achieve maximum optimization. A/B testing isn’t a one time task, as the results at that time, doesn’t mean that the A or B variant is the best. That’s why you can keep on testing time by time.

Use remarketing

Remarketing or retargeting is one of the best strategies to boost your Google Ads conversion rates. It’s a very difficult task to acquire new customers when they first visit your website but here comes remarketing.

The same ads are shown for the same people for quite a period and this is how people get attracted to visit your website again, which increases chances that this time they will complete your desired action before they leave. By getting their attention to click the ads, you now know that you should go for more aggressive and repetitive play-per-click ads.