3 Website Design Tips To Keep in Mind For More Conversions

3 Website Design Tips To Keep in Mind For More Conversions

Setting up a business website is one of the most important parts of running a business online.

It’s simply because if you are taking your business online, your website is going to be the go to place for all your prospects and customers trying to reach you. And then, the need for making it have a good design that can convert. All of this can take a serious toll.

For that reason, here we are sharing the top 3 website design tips you must keep in mind for earning more conversions. So, buckle up and read on.

1. Website Navigation? Keep it Simple

If you use internet everyday, at some point in time you must have come across a website with a poor navigation. A website where you weren’t able to leave the current page or reach the page that you were looking for.

Doesn’t it feel frustrating? Honestly, this is a big turn off. And surely could be for other web users as well. Do you think the website design that you are planning is safe from this?

Well, if it isn’t you must work on it.

The purpose of designing a website is to enable visitors to find the solutions they are looking for. With a poor navigation setup, that can’t be achieved.

2. Choose the Right Colors

Have you seen websites with odd color schemes?

Orange background. Black text. Yellow drop down menus. Well, all of this may even work, but for only a few niches. For example, this may be effective for gaming websites. However, if you are running a healthcare business, having a dark background may not be a good idea.

Instead, you can use a white background with a mild orange (just one example). The point is, colors that you use on your website should make sense and shouldn’t hurt the eye.

This is going to matter the most while running PPC campaigns where money will be on stake.

So, to be sure about running an effective PPC campaign, make sure your landing page’s color scheme is right.

3. Take Page Speed in Consideration

If you are a fan of flash animations and other similar on page elements that make add a huge weight to web pages, we have a bad news for you.

Using such elements slows down your website’s loading speed. Which in turn, directly affects conversions.

It’s a fact that has been backed by marketers like Neil Patel. In fact he says that boosting your page’s loading speed can increase pageviews by 11%, user satisfaction by 16% & conversions by 7%.

Surprising enough?

Well, all we can do is make sure our websites load in the right time. Slow loading websites are anyway a turn off. We all know that, right?

So, the question comes. How to design your website so it’s appealing enough and also loads in the right amount of time?

In simplest words, get rid of the heavy elements. Don’t use flash animations or big videos at least on your target pages.

Final Words

Having your business’ website designed and set-up correctly is something that may bother you on a normal day. From planning a layout to implementing the whole deal, it’s some serious amount of hardwork.

But there’s always help when you look for it. In this post, we shared with our readers 3 of the most important website design tips every business owner must keep in mind for increasing conversion rates. Hopefully, this was helpful.