Why Every Graphic Designer Needs Pinterest As Part Of Their Social Media Strategy

Why Every Graphic Designer Needs Pinterest As Part Of Their Social Media Strategy

It was recently reported that Pinterest now has over 300 million monthly active users. This figure has increased by 50 million in the last year alone. Thanks to changes in advertising, video, and other features, Pinterest has become more user friendly than ever before for individuals and businesses alike. While most people think of recipes, DIY projects, and fashion ideas when they think of the platform, its highly visual nature lends itself to those working in the design world. However, it can be concluded from what is currently popular on Pinterest that most self-employed graphic designers are not using the platform as much as they could be.

Explore three important reasons as to why every professional graphic designer needs to use Pinterest as part of their social media strategy.

Better communicate your niche

It is a common misconception among current clients and potential clients that designers can do it all. However, nearly all designers have a specific niche that they follow in their work. From 3D animation to industry-specific web design, it is crucial to communicate your style to those who may be interested in your services. Pinterest expert Shane Barker states that the design industry (in general) is one of the most popular niches on Pinterest, with more than 44 million accounts. Among these accounts, there are dozens of unique niches. For designers who have had trouble communicating the scope and style of their work through other social platforms, Pinterest is an exceptional way to provide actual visuals. Rather than trying to explain your style and work in writing, or with select images, you can create entire boards that visually communicate what you do, and how you do it.

One of the best places to have your work shared

One expert from Social Media Daily’s website states that Pinterest is designed with sharing as the main form of engagement. Rather than commenting or providing a reaction to a post, users share the pins that they find to be most visually appealing. With that in mind, it only makes sense for all designers to take advantage of this format. This is especially true if you are working on a strategy to attract more clients and sales. When compared to Facebook, Hootsuite reports that Pinterest has been found to drive 33% more traffic to businesses. Additionally, 55% of platform users have said that they are actively looking for products/services.

Gain inspiration while promoting your services/work

The majority of graphic designers will say that they rely on new and unique visuals to help provide inspiration for future work. In fact, specialists with Canva state that visual social media is one of the best places for boosting creativity and finding new ideas. Among all of the platforms available, it is clear that Pinterest is one of the best sources. While browsing new design ideas and images, you can multitask by promoting your brand. In between inspiration-gathering browsing sessions, designers can create new boards, launch ads, and collaborate on group design boards.

Although it is important to use a variety of platforms, utilizing Pinterest is a must-do for all graphic designers. Because of its continued increase in popularity, as well as its visual nature, it will soon become more important than ever before to have your work on this social media channel.

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