Take Your Marketing Strategy to the Next Level in 2 Easy Steps

Take Your Marketing Strategy to the Next Level in 2 Easy Steps

When you first start your business, you focus on hiring employees, creating your products, and selling as many items as possible. Now that you’re established, it’s time to evaluate your marketing strategy. If your current plan is to post some pictures on social media once a week and hope for the best, follow these steps to create a marketing strategy that drives customers to your business.

1. Invest in Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the process of moving your website towards the top of search engine results pages, leading to more visitors and, hopefully, customers. You accomplish this by creating content around keywords that your target market frequently searches for. To start your SEO strategy, determine what keywords to use, and then create your content. While you can write the articles yourself, it’s more efficient to pay professional freelance writers. Choose from the following types of SEO writing companies:

  • Managed service content
  • Writer broker services
  • Full-service content
  • Content subscription

Once you have keyword articles, it’s time to share them. Upload them to your website, post them on your blog, and share the links on social media. Note how your customers interact with each post. For example, do they like or comment on your new content, or do they simply read it and move on? Use their reactions to shape your SEO strategy to best meet their needs.

One major benefit of content from SEO writing companies is that it doesn’t constantly require payment. Unlike other marketing strategies, such as pay-per-click ads and YouTube advertisements, you pay for the content once, and then you own it. Additionally, as long as your website and the internal links still function, each article continues to drive traffic to your website.

2. Take Social Media Seriously

Many people underestimate the importance of social media, thinking it’s just a way for people to connect with their friends. However, you can use the same functions to tell people about your company. Not only can you promote your SEO content, but you can also release behind-the-scenes photos of your business. Feature an employee every week, focusing on connections between your staff and your market. For example, if you sell clothing and souvenirs based on books and movies, your employee interviews should include questions about their favorite series. You can also offer sneak-peeks of new items and early warnings about sales. The more exclusive you make your social media content, the better.

Social media isn’t just a place for you to share information about your company, though. It’s also a platform for you to get to know your customers, and the more you connect with them, the better. Try one of the following engagement campaigns:

  • Host a photo contest
  • Hold regular “ask me anything” sessions
  • Share content created by your followers

Whichever of these ideas you start with, interact with your customers as much as possible during the campaign. Comment on their photos, shout them out in your next posts and ask for their feedback.

As you expand your social media services, remember that this is a rapidly-changing field. Right now, your company probably has Instagram and Facebook accounts. However, be prepared to learn about new platforms if your target audience starts preferring other mediums. Also, watch out for new features that allow you to interact with your customers and analyze their responses more easily.

To increase your business’s profit, you need to create high-quality products efficiently. However, you also need to attract new clients and stay connected with your loyal customer base. By using SEO and social media, you accomplish both these tasks and remain a dynamic and engaging company.