Top 12 SaaS Services For Your Online Business

Top 12 SaaS Services For Your Online Business

Gone are the days when entrepreneurs would resort to old-fashioned marketing methods for garnering more customers. Cloud platform has changed the way we conduct business. The SaaS (or Software-as-a-Service) platform is a distribution model that helps users to access software applications over the internet. These applications hosted over the cloud are usually licensed on a subscription basis. Affordable, time saving and scalable, SaaS services have gained immense popularity among budding entrepreneurs and professionals alike. Listed below are the top 12 SaaS services to boost your business with:

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 by Microsoft is a comprehensive set of software tools and services that facilitate documentation, communication, and management tasks of any business organization. The software is compatible with both Windows OS and Mac OS platforms.  Moreover, the suite of applications is integrated into Microsoft cloud storage OneDrive platform. Other perks include 60-minute Skype, email and social media marketing tools, and integration with SharePoint, Exchange Server, Yammer and Office Online.

Amazon Web Services

The AWS (Amazon web services) is a mix of cloud computing tools that enables entrepreneurs to set up global commute, establish an extensive cloud storage database, employ analytics for boosting the IT performance and lower the costs of productions. AWS follows the “Build, Learn and Grow lifecycle” that allows users to access the best technical enablement content, check out the live sessions and work on the Innovation Sandbox platform that supports a broad range of systems and devices.


This American cloud computing company set in San Francisco was originally known for its CRM (customer relationship management) solutions. However, lately, the brand has also ventured out into investing in commercial applications and has become one of the first SaaS models in America. Other services include PaaaS (platform as a service), AppExchange (marketing platform for cloud based apps),,,, and other services for tracking your web performance and SOAP/REST services with API integration.


Marketo is a multi-purpose platform that is best suited for growing businesses that want to expand their appeal on a global scale. From gathering potential leads to channelizing online traffic and converting them to sales, Marketo simplifies the entire e-marketing process for your website. It even helps you generate readymade ad campaigns, finance robust promotional strategies and integrate with various cross-platform APIs.


Oracle with its extensive database and flexible operations has become a well-known brand among entrepreneurs worldwide. Moreover, the recent advancements in cloud computing applications have further contributed to the company’s credibility. The set of SaaS services includes high-tech infographics, seamless APIs integration and a robust storage platform that can be accessed across multiple systems and devices.


Intacct is a cloud based accounting software that solely focuses on monitoring the sales and overall performance of any enterprise. The platform is tightly integrated with Salesforce and simplifies financing and revenue management tasks tenfold. Other perks include project accounting, order and bill management financial consolidation and reporting. The platform also offers robust CRM solutions for firms and provides real-time automated marketing techniques for small-scale businesses.


Resource sharing has become the latest trend among companies striving for greater efficiency and productivity. Staying very true to its name, Cloud9 is a simple yet powerful cloud-based application that allows small-scale enterprises to expand their reach exponentially on the virtual platform. The SaaS service lets users forecast sales, coach sales staff performance and enhance your productivity and profit considerably. It even allows real-time sales updates and improved visibility.


Pardot is an on-demand marketing automation solution that allows marketers to focus on the more pressing issues of the promotional strategies of a company. The cloud-based platform expands the reach and appeal of your business by maximizing ROIs. Also, the Advanced micro-level web analytics predict the nature and scope of the website providing SaaS solutions accordingly. It even helps in lead generation and boosts conversions both on and off the site.


Wix is an Israel-based cloud computing firm that specializes in increasing the appeal and sales of any website using a set of powerful SaaS tools. This is one of the best website builders for business. The AppMarket feature launched recently has only contributed to its efficiency. With Wix, you also get a lot of plug-ins and extensions that can be integrated with just a click. The social media solutions and CRM feature also enhance the apps credibility. Entrepreneurs get the greater flexibility of action and support for their e-commerce websites, thanks to Wix’s multi-lingual functionality and cross-platform compatibility. More information on Wix, as well as its one-on-one comparisons with other major website builders, can be found in this review.


Finding new customers for your SaaS is not an easy job, however, with LinkedIn users can not only expand their customer reach but also boost the productivity of their firm tenfold. With over 364 million users worldwide, this platform is well-known for its SEO tools, CRM solutions, and cloud-based applications. The latest SaaS services work towards lowering costs and enhancing the speed for faster deployments. The seamless integration with the cross-platform APIs further allows SaaS vendors to tweak the applications as per their convenience.


This American cloud computing company offers robust SaaS integrated business management solutions that also include CRM features and ERP (enterprise resource planning) tools that allow faster lead generation and seamless APIs compatibility. It also helps businessmen manage company accounts and monitor inventory. Moreover, with its robust financial accounting tools, this e-commerce software support PSA (professional services automation) and can be automated with a single click.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics have been a significant support for both established businesses and promising start-ups to enhance their productivity and performance. Today, the analytics tools have also been used to measure SaaS services using a set of robust and responsive cloud-based applications. From enabling SEO improvement tools, to creating a powerful CRM platform, Google Analytics is the ultimate SaaS solution for boosting the reach of your company.

From developing core business solutions to enhancing the industry-based processes and IT functions, SaaS cloud-based model can be applied to just about anything. The SaaS services mentioned above are among the top applications in the market, consider the scale and scope of your business before making a choice.