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Depositphotos is becoming more and more familiar with the internet users nowadays. Since it was founded in 2009, this microstock agency has undergone a great development. With its large number of royalty free stock photography, vectors and videos collection and also huge supports from users all around the world, this website has become one of the best players in this business.


As we know, Depositphotos is a stock website and agency which main activity is selling images and videos under a royalty-free license. If you ever wondered what “stock” means, according to Depositphotos website, “stock” is photography and videos that are intended to be used for either commercial or editorial purposes such as advertisements, brochures, articles, and product packaging. It is most commonly purchased and used by graphic designers, artists and typographers. Depending on the license type associated with each purchase, the extent of use varies in accordance with the rules of the specific license.

Depositphotos has a large amount of stock files (images and video) which are contributed by their users. Until now, their complete collection has reached nearly 16 million. This collection is divided into photos, vectors, and videos which are once more divided into different categories such as Abstract, Illustrations, Technology, Vectors, and many more. Every week, you can see about more than 150 thousand most recent stock images added into Depositphotos library, all under free royalty.


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According to Depositphotos, Royalty-free means that a file is available for use in accordance with the Licensing Terms without the need for additional description or coordination of the place, audience, way of use, etc. When buying a file under a royalty-free license, you receive a non-exclusive lifelong right to use it for your purposes within the bounds stated by the Standard or Extended licenses. So, make sure before you check their licensing page before buying anything for better understanding.


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Depositphotos try to facilitate photographers, illustrators and videographers all over the world a place to sell their works on internet. Therefore, these artists will be able to make more money from their creations. Meanwhile, this website has also become a great shopping site for the internet users. Buyers can get high quality images and videos from this website through subscription and credit plans. Prices may vary depending on the chosen plan with easy and popular payment methods accepted.