Making Your Mark: How to Design a Logo for Your Blog

Making Your Mark: How to Design a Logo for Your Blog

If you are trying to grow the audience for your blog it is not just a case of providing great content that is engaging as portraying the right image that helps people to remember you will also make a positive difference.

You only have to see some iconic logos to know immediately what that business is all about and the same rules of engagement apply to creating a memorable logo if you are a blogger.

Here are some pointers on how to design a logo that helps you stand out from the crowd and give your audience the chance to associate that image with your blog and your personality.

Is it really necessary?

There are bound to be a percentage of bloggers who probably don’t see the need for having a logo for their blog and can’t quite see how this particular branding technique is relevant.

It is fair to say that some bloggers can right say that their name is a brand logo in itself to a certain extent and although you can find a few examples of high-profile bloggers who have made that call successfully, the majority could almost certainly benefit from using a logo to add brand value.

The point about a logo is that it is a weapon in your armory in your quest to get yourself noticed among the thousands of blogs competing for the same audience and space as you.

Displaying your name in a plain header and relying on that approach to draw attention might just work if your content is truly compelling enough to draw people in but even if that is the case if you have a logo, it can soon become associated with something positive when it is seen.

Recognition helps you to gain popularity so it is a fair argument to suggest that the percentage call has to be in favor of having a logo for your blog as opposed to doing without.

What to look for in a logo

Before you set to work on using a tool like an online logo maker to create a suitable design for your blog it would be a good idea to think about some of the key attributes you want to achieve with the end result.

There are a few simple but effective design features that you can often see when you study successful brand logos and if you can emulate their ability to tick as many of the right boxes as possible this should mean that the end result is a logo that will enhance your blog and brand.

It is no coincidence that some of the best logos tend to look right regardless of the size, so experiment with your design elements to see what manages to look good to the eye – either big or small.

Instant recognition is always a primary aim in the design process and if you can produce a logo that manages to be recognizable without the need for any words, you could have stumbled upon a winning design.

Using your initials is a good trick

If you have already started to establish your presence in the blogosphere without a specific brand you could design a logo using your initials to help reinforce that level of recognition amongst your audience.

Using your initials as a design element in your logo is a quick and easy way to develop a brand that is instantly associated with your name. Spend some time experimenting with different styles of lettering and using shapes around the initials until you come up with a design that seems to work with your name and personality.

A reflection of your personality

It often pays not to get too obsessive about trying to create an awesome design that might look really good but is not actually that relevant to the style and personality of your blog and how people perceive you.

The ultimate aim is to design a blog logo that manages to become a symbol of your blog and strengthens that association with you rather than acting alone.

Make sure you try and achieve most of the required design elements that make the logo work as well as creating a design that helps you to stand out when competing for an audience against other blogs.

If you can that, your logo should help you to make your mark and enhance your reputation in the way that successful brand recognition can do so effectively.