Fotor: Best Online Photo Editing Tool

Fotor: Best Online Photo Editing Tool

If your affordability is becoming an obstacle in your way of editing pictures and creating fun photo effects, you need not lose heart. There are so many good photo editors that can get you rid of the trouble. Some are even free!


Fotor is an online photo editing tool that gives you a fun filled experience. It is also available for many platforms such as Mac, Windows and Windows 8. You can use Fotor for basic photo editing. Is it just so? Wait, here is another amazing thing: Banner Maker!


Most people don’t own graphic creating software, so the fact that banner maker is free is almost too good to be true. The online software allows you to change the banner size, colors, text, background, pictures and add clip art to create your own unique banner.

It’s simple to use:

1. Through your Internet browser, get around to Innovative Connectivity’s website. You’ll be offered a range of background images for any complete banner.
2. Click the desired image. The website refreshes to a Web form with the filled-in URL of the selected image in the background image text box.
3. Type the text for your banner in the “Line 1 Text” text box. This will be the first line of text on the banner.
4. Select the font, font size and color for the text, or use the default of Arial, 12-pt and Black.
5. Type the next line of text that should appear on the banner in the “Line 2 Text” text box. This line will appear underneath the first line of text.
6. Click the button labeled “Center Text on Image” to center both lines of text on the banner image. The webpage refreshes to display the completed banner with the centered lines of text.
7. Right-click your mouse and choose “Save Image As” (Chrome or Firefox) or “Save Picture As” (Internet Explorer) to download the banner to your computer.

If you’re still not happy with your designing skills, the online banner maker also has a variety of pre-made professionally designed banners ready for you to tweak and amend to suit your needs. All you have to do is open one of the ready-made banners and you can change the photos and amend the wording. It doesn’t matter how you want to display your creativity, Fotor has all the necessary tools you will need. I’m still in the process of exploring all the benefits!