How and Why Web Design and Printed Media Should Work Together

How and Why Web Design and Printed Media Should Work Together

Have you ever stopped to consider just how much you can accomplish if you were to incorporate one theme throughout all your marketing strategies? From your website design through to printed media, you can increase brand awareness many times over by utilizing graphic design throughout all your advertising, whether it is in print or online.

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Brand Awareness Is a Key Point

When seeking to understand how and why web design and printed media work together for your business, it really is all about brand awareness. It only takes thinking about some of the world’s largest corporations and you will see how they utilize the same logo throughout all their marketing. Here are just a few of the names you will recognize:

  • McDonald’s – the Golden Arches
  • General Electric – GE in the Circle
  • Mercedes Benz – Three pointed star in a circle
  • Gucci – The interlocking G (double facing)
  • Nike – The famous Nike check mark (tick mark)

And the list goes on and on from there. Whether you are embarking on a massive direct mailing with post cards or handing out GotPrint business cards at a regional event, always employ the same logo and color scheme on all your printed materials as you use on your website. This is one of the surest ways to increase brand awareness.

Bringing Together Static and Interactive Design

When designing your website, bear in mind that you can change the actual look as often as you can afford to have a new site developed but remember that you are also going to be using print media. For this reason, choose certain elements that will remain the same whether in a fluid website design that you will change over time or in letterhead on all your correspondence. Things like:

  • Logos
  • Color schemes
  • Fonts

Should always remain consistent, whether in print or online. These are how your brand will be quickly identified and that is something you seek to accomplish when marketing your products and brands. Once your market begins to recognize visuals with your company, every time they see that logo and those colors used in combination with each other, a subliminal message is sent to them.

Bringing It All Together

The point being made is that you should always employ print and digital marketing but with the mindset that you want instant brand recognition. Therefore, how you set up your graphics will impact why you are using them. Whether you want a logo that is easily recognizable or an image that exemplifies who you are and what you do, everything should carry through from one form of media to the other.

It’s fun to set up a website that you can play with over time, but never stray too far afield to the ‘look’ that carried you forward in terms of instant recognition. Yes, you can alter the layout of your site and make it increasingly interactive, but always keep those few elements the same so that your brand becomes a household name. Using graphic design developed for both digital and print media brings it all together, and that’s exactly what you are seeking to accomplish. One brand, two avenues of approach.