4 Web Design Mistakes That Are Possibly Hurting Your Business

4 Web Design Mistakes That Are Possibly Hurting Your Business

Your business website says a lot about you and it can be either a good or bad. There is a lot at stake here, especially considering the deep-rooted feelings and thoughts people have in relation to your brand that partly derives from their impression of your website content. So you want these thoughts and experiences to always be positive.

Below is a compilation of the most common website design mistakes that should be analyzed while planning a website project in order to be avoided. We will also give you some tips on what they should be saying.

A Confusing Website

Your website’s main objective is to show the customer what you do, why they should consider your products or services over the competitors’ and, of course, some proof. The next objective is to make it obvious for the customer what they should do next. A confusing website is likely to cause friction and make it difficult to turn new visitors into loyal, paying customers.

Your business site should be laser-focused. The website should easily guide the customer from choosing the the portrait size, to uploading a photo to how to make a purchase and input their delivery address. The flow should be obvious. Providing your customer with an awesome user experience is of the essence.

A Slow Website

Did you know that 40 percent of people will abandon your website if it takes more than three seconds to load? Back in the 90s, slow websites were the norm when everyone was using dial up services like AOL and Earthlink. However, those days are gone, but there are still millions of slow websites on the internet and they can be really annoying.

A slow website tells your customers that you do not value their time or care about their needs. On the other hand, a fast website will show your customers that you are willing to invest in improving user experience and increase your engagement with them.

A Bad Design

46 percent of internet users determine a company’s credibility based on a its website design. Since you only get one chance to make a great first impression, why shouldn’t you make it a great one?

A poor website design tells your customer that you are OK with mediocrity, do not care how you look and you are only willing to do the bare minimum – nothing more. Instead, your website design should demonstrate that you are proud of your product and willing to go the extra mile. It should also indicate you’re invested in your company, products and pay close attention to every detail.

A Website that is Not Mobile Friendly

When 48 percent of internet users go on a business website that does not work well on mobile devices, makes them form a negative opinion of the whole company. In such a situation, your customers are more likely to click away – disappointed. These customers will take their business elsewhere – so your site should be designed with mobile devices in mind.


Today, your website is more than just a place you showcase your products, it is an essential part of your business plan – or at least it should be. Websites that are not well thought-out do not perform well and they simply won’t work as you intended. Follow the tips above and you will improve your ROI.