Tips For Web Designers To Deal With Their Creative Block

Tips For Web Designers To Deal With Their Creative Block

You could be the most creative individual on the entire planet and there may still come a time where you are suffering from burn-out and because of that, your creative ideas just do not seem to be flowing as easily as they once did. This can sometimes happen to those who have had a great stroke of luck and who have been working non-stop creating fantastic web designs for numerous clients. You might think that the constant motion of the creative mind would help increase the number of ideas that will pop into the mind, but it can actually work against you. If you are suffering from a sudden lack of creativity, there are some things you can do about it.

Start Venturing Out In Nature

Even if you live in a big city, you need to get outside. Whether you are venturing through a dense area of the woods until you find a secret creek no one knows about, or you are walking through the streets of downtown New York, you need to get outside. Get out of your studio. Get some fresh air. Take in the sites but do not just observe them – breath them in. You will want to become one with the environment that you are in and you want to make sure that you have your smartphone with you.

The reason? This is so you can jot down notes. Make note of the designs you see in your environment. Think about the smells and the sounds that you are sensing. Of course, since there is a good chance that you will find yourself mentally scooped up in the moment, you will want to make sure that you are protecting your phone from possible damage. For example, something such as the BodyGuardz for iPhone will help protect the screen from costly damage should you accidentally drop it or walk into something.

Watch Some Television

That’s right. To help get the creative juice flowing again you might want to sit down and watch television. The reason is because the sets of the various shows will have their own unique style to them. There will be an array of fabrics, colors, and textures that are used.

You may even notice that certain backgrounds work well with certain types of characters or the intense feeling that the show is trying to get across to the audience. In a sense, they are doing what you want to do for the website you are trying to design. You want to touch your audience in the same way the television show touches its audience.

Visit Friends and Family

You will be surprised where inspiration for a website design can come from. For example, you could find a nice pattern for a website backdrop by visiting the homes of friends and family. Each of the people in your life have their own way of doing things and they most likely design their homes in a manner that reflects their life. Also, while you are in their home, you will want to make note of how you feel.

Do you feel more alert or anxious in a particular home? If so, what colors were prominent in the rooms that you were in? This is important to recognize because color impacts your mood in so many ways and that is something you want to consider when you are designing a web page. You want to match the feeling you want the page visitors to get with the colors you use in your design.

If you simply let the stress go and just spend more time observing the life and scenery around you, you are bound to find your creative juices starting to flow again. To help ensure that you are less likely to become burned out again, you may want to make it a point to step out and enjoy life a little more.