These 4 Techniques Will Help You Create Depth in Web Design

These 4 Techniques Will Help You Create Depth in Web Design

Creating depth in web design is something, which not only gives a unique feel to the website, but also makes it look impressive and outstanding. It can also add a sense of depth to the design, making it look realistic and impressive.

Adding depth to the otherwise mundane page is a great way to an emphasis on those things that usually get less user attention. Further, it doesn’t mean having impressive pop-ups and holograms on the page. Instead, it’s the illustrations, background effects, graphic design, logo and more that add a sense of reality to the design.

If you want to make your design impressive and want to add depth to the otherwise simple and flat page, here are some tricks and techniques that you can use:

A Great And Unique Perspective

If you want to add depth, then you must create a perspective that is unique and visually alluring. For instance, having a cartoon-like effect like the company of web design in Dayton Beach use, can give a memorable experience to the visitors.

A perspective design approach depends on how the designer wants to go, as there’s no specific set of how to’s in this design. However,  the main idea of this trend is to follow rules that your art teacher might have told you back in the school: following angles, alignments and right usage of horizontal space.

Play with the shadows

Playing with shadows is one of the most popular trends in web designing that is used in many designing techniques. Shadows are not meant to give a subtle effect to the design; instead, you can use the trick to do a lot of interesting things in design.

For instance, a simple picture with the same effect can offer a realistic effect on the image and can make it look stand out.  You can use things like wrapped pages and floating elements to create a unique shadow effect in your design.

Create realistic interfaces

Realistic interfaces feature real and pressable buttons and elements to create a sleek and simple design which is easy to interact. Things like shadows and gradients don’t have to look simple and smooth. Instead, you can put effects on them to make it look stand out.

Just focus on creating the interface elements to give them a more realistic look. For instance, if you are adding a drop shadow, it doesn’t look like it is placed there for no reason.

Grid breaking

While there are certain features of the design like gradients, curves, drop shadows to create an element of depth. However, you can also create depth in a design of overlapping the grid, and by inserting different elements into one another.

This will make the design look cleaner and impressive. You can also include drop shadow in this approach to get, the more dimension and to create the depth in your web design.

Depth in web design is not about getting the great look; instead, it is a trend that can help you in getting an impressive website of great design. If you want to add depth to your web design, take a cue from the tips mentioned above and have an impressive design.