Really Common Web Design Mistakes Made With Financial Web Sites

Really Common Web Design Mistakes Made With Financial Web Sites

When it comes to financial web sites, design is so much more important than what many believe. The financial industry is highly competitive so you want to be sure that your site is as great as possible. Poor usability can easily lead to potential prospects going away, which is not what you want to see. Your goal should be to design something that is as accessible and effective as Personal Loans Now. For you to do this you need to avoid some common mistakes that way too many designers make. They are presented below.

Really Poor Navigation

Poor usability often appears because of navigation issues. Prospective clients can easily leave financial websites simply because it is really hard to navigate them. Great web design should be exactly the opposite. Users that visit the website have to reach the desired content section as soon as possible. If navigation is a nightmare, problems appear and the visitor will simply look for another site. As an extra related tip, be sure that you take page loading times into account since they can impact navigation experience.

Design That Is Too Complex

In web design aesthetics are really important. Flashy design is not bad but if you go overboard you are going to destroy functionality. The best design for a financial website should be focused around simple layouts. If you take a look at the websites that are considered as being the best in all industries you will see that they are simple. They do not use too many images or too much text, pop-ups, countless links, animations and widgets. Showcasing personality is definitely a good idea but simply never go overboard or the website will not be attractive to prospects.

Not Having Relevant Content

It is so common to notice that the financial website features dated, old content. This is a very bad idea as visitors will see this as a sign of lack of quality. Having an attached blog that is regularly updated is really important. A failure to do so is going to reduce credibility. You should not just copy content from someone else. What is really important is to be sure that you constantly generate high quality content.

As an extra thing to consider, be sure you do not overdo it with content marketing strategies. Blatantly advertising services is a very bad idea as people do not really want to be pressured. Using the financial web site as an information source gets you many more customers than simply advertising services offered in an aggressive manner.

Lack Of Visible Contact Details

With all financial web sites you need to be sure that you give prospects as many ways to contact you as possible. The common Contact Us link should be added to every single web page and complete contact information needs to be featured there. This does include email address, phone number and mailing address. Remember that even if nobody will call, having that information there increases credibility, which is something you do want in this industry.