Inside Info For Responsive Web Design

Inside Info For Responsive Web Design

It is a fact – mobile devices are everywhere these days! So, as a result responsive web design has become even more crucial. Thanks to responsive web design, layouts have become much simpler and users can now also look forward to a better digital experience.

If it is time for you to pay attention to your web design, be sure to implement the following very practical advice:

First plan your website’s content

In order to be able to see the situation as a whole, you will have to know how your website’s content will more or less be organized. As a matter of fact, your design and content will work best when they have been developed alongside each other. So, list all the most important things you want to communicate and try to determine how these messages will flow.

Look at navigation

Responsive web design has really influenced site navigation. As the screens have become smaller, you will need to ensure that your design works well within these new restrictions. Collapsible and drop-down menus will help a lot! Remember, you will only have space for about five core links. So, your content and navigation will ultimately be influenced by these five core links.

Don’t use too many words

Just because you can use more words on desktops does not mean that you should. When you write content for your website, particularly for smaller screens, you will have to choose your words wisely. Try not to use words that will not help to develop and strengthen your message. If you are planning on simply copying and pasting the content as it appears on the desktop version of your website, think again… It will definitely need to be edited to make it a single more effective whole that will work well on a smaller screen.

Use negative space to your advantage

When you need to design for responsive web design, it can be very effective to use the negative space (in other words all the blank space that is created by tabs, line-breaks and so forth) to emphasize the content that you want your visitors to pay special attention to.

Only use responsive images

Even though an image will scale on a smaller mobile device does not mean that it will load quickly. So, to ensure that your website’s visitors do not have to wait for what feels like forever, only use images that will load quickly on every single device.

Test your responsive web design

At the end of the day you will require some functional prototype so that you can get a better idea of how your web design will feel and operate. So, even though you might not think it is important, there are a few elements of your web design that you should test at least to avoid visitors leaving negative comments. Also, when you take the time to test, remember to test your model on the actual mobile device to make sure that your web design will work optimally.

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