Innovative Web Design Trends 2021

Innovative Web Design Trends 2021

The web has changed dramatically since the early 1990s when people first started surfing the internet to find out about interesting products and services that they were interested in buying.

In fact, if you have not noticed a lot of new innovations in the way people used the web in 2020, you are missing out on a lot of exciting, emerging web design trends. It is amazing how much web design has changed over the years and how the web can be used more fully to its advantage as time marches on.

Established Trends That Continue to Evolve

Of course, there are some trends that are still going strong and are very well received by consumers and designers alike. The most important thing to keep in mind is for business owners and web designers to be aware of what consumers are looking for online. New innovations on the web are constantly coming out and making our lives easier and more fulfilling.

There are many web design trends that consumers are finding themselves drawn to as the new year approaches.

Gradients 2.0

Users have been bored with dull designs, and designers started to experiment with various visual styles. One particular style that found itself in the spotlight is gradients. Gradients have started to replace the flat colors. Gradients add some depth to flat layouts and make them more visually interesting. Both product teams and business stakeholders love gradients because branding colors can also be used to create them.

Abstract illustrations

It’s known that a design agency using a custom illustration style is a great way to make a brand stand out. Genuine illustrations are part of a brand’s DNA. Competitors can copy your color scheme or typography, but not your illustration style.

Digital illustrations are taking center stage. We are seeing a boom of illustrations. All large companies are introducing illustrations in their visual language.

Bold Fonts

If you visit the websites of leading companies you will notice that the headline, not imagery, is the first thing that grabs your attention. Bold headlines aren’t a new trend at all but they are being used much more commonly.  The interesting thing is the way those headlines are designed. Heavy fonts place more visual weight on the message and direct the reader to where they should look first. From an aesthetic point of view, bold fonts also give designs a modern and contemporary feel.

Flash is Not Going Away

Although it was mired in controversy, one of the top trends continues to be the use of Flash animation. As everyone who surfs the web knows, Flash is one of the most widely used video formats that makes it easy for users to experience websites. Flash also helps to get websites to load faster because of the high compression rate.

Interactive Design

For web designers and developers, the most exciting trend to see continuing to develop is interactive design. This is where a site is built using real-world objects and interfaces so that users can do things like interact with objects on the page or navigate from one page to the next using menus. Interactive sites have become incredibly popular because they provide the user with a sense of depth and immersion while on the site. This trend will evolve and continue in 2021.

Social Networks for Business Engagement

Another trend that continues to grow is the use of social networks and other web applications for consumer interaction. This is something that will help keep a lot of people up to date with newsworthy information on their favorite sites.

Augmented Reality

If you were looking for web design trends that you can use, look no further than augmented reality technology. This is a newer technology where users experience the web in a different way by using software to add virtual information to their screens. This could be used for anything from a shopping cart to directions.

No matter what type of website design trend you choose, there is no doubt that the world of technology and web design is changing all the time. You will always find something new to learn from in 2021.