4 Important Rules When Creating a User-Friendly Website

4 Important Rules When Creating a User-Friendly Website

Nothing is more annoying than landing on a website with a slow loading speed and a bad layout. As one may notice, users have become more demanding when it comes to pleasing them. If you want to be noticed online you need to offer them something in return. This is where the importance of a user-friendly and fully optimised website comes in. For you to attract and gain more visitors into your site, you must first understand which factors affect their behaviours. Here are some basic rules that are worth remembering:

Make navigation simple and easy

Digital marketers pinpoint the importance of creating an easy and simple to navigate website. The idea is to build a sitemap where anyone could easily find and access everything. Ensure that each page is labeled and grouped appropriately. If you want to create a website with a larger site map, you may always use a more compact navigation bar. Fortunately, you would not have to actually code everything one by one as most web design companies offer website builder, where you canutilise simple and straightforward web layouts.

Keep your brand and logo visible

In terms of brand and logo placement, the basic rule is to always put it at the top left corner of every web page. This is a good way to inform your visitors what website they are currently looking at. Ensure that your logo is linked to your site’s home page so they could easily go back to that page.

Install a search function

Another great way to enhance user’s experience while they browse through your site is adding a “Search” function. This feature allows your visitors to access and search for information they want in an instant. Although there are no rules as to where to put this function, digital marketers find it more effective when it is placed right at the top right portion of the page.

Create high-quality content

Although the quality of content is vital in ranking and gaining authority in search results, you must keep everything concise and easy-to-understand. Utilise the value of keywords to correctly target the readers or users you are trying to reach. Avoid terms or statements that could cause confusion or questions. Instead focus on producing content with topics that are related to your business so they could easily stand out from your other competitors.

These are just some of the basic tips to make your site friendlier to both users and search engines. Just one quick reminder after launching your website, run some tests first to see what layout and design would work perfectly for your business. Along with that, do not forget to keep yourself updated with the latest trends on the online marketing world. With these, it is almost certain that your business will become successful.