How to Create a Website For Your Small Business?

How to Create a Website For Your Small Business?

The very first thing that most of the potential customers do is verify the authenticity of the business or to find the general idea of the business by checking its website. As a small business owner, you may have limited resources. So it makes it quite imperative to create a website for your business which contains all the information regarding your business as well as allows the stakeholders along with everyone else to get informed about your business better.

In order to create a website, you need to consider various things which are mentioned below:

1. The first thing that you have to consider is to find where you will be hosting your website. The host will allow you to register your domain as well as store it for the people to view it and also get you more visitors. In case of India, there are several popular hosts for websites which include GoDaddy, WordPress, Bluehost, Namecheap etc. They also come with website building tools of their own.

Various hosts provide different offers and prices which means you need to check them thoroughly in order to decide which one you want to get associated with. It is advised that you pick a host which provides you with lucrative offers like a money-back guarantee as well as email address to check the online traffic of your website, etc.

SMEs in general look for content management systems which make it easier for them to digitise their entire content more hassle-free as well as compact. So, you need to look for the hosts who make your website friendly to search engines, provide plugins, which are software components that add new features, like virus scanners, backups, option for the customers to contact you as well as many more.

For instance, WordPress provides the SMEs with a wide and comprehensive range of services like powering the website with unprecedented and unlimited premium as well as business-themed templates. They also provide Google Analytics support along with search engine optimisation tools, email as well as live chat option for the customers. It also provides unlimited storage capacity as well as the option to remove the branding of All these can easily be availed at merely Rs. 800 per month which is billed annually. It is among the best website builders for small business.

In case you are using WordPress, you need to remember that it provides the option to self-host your website where you can run your own content without any help from WordPress. When you are self-hosting using WordPress, you can easily use any of the WordPress plugins which you wish other than those which are inbuilt plugins, and you can also run your ads, and not be obligated to share any of your revenue. You can also create your own online store in order to buy as well as sell products. But you should be aware that you will be responsible for the update as well as backup of your content.

It is essential to understand at this particular stage that there are two premium websites- the and the Both of them are very different from which gives you complete freedom over the website but also gives the responsibility to maintain as well as grow the website. WordPress also provides a lot of freebies as well as hand-holding. However, it does have a great deal of control over your entire website.

2. The second step that has to be taken is to register the domain name for your business. Once you have selected your host, you need to finalise the domain name of your business. The domain name is the name which your website will be known as. For instance, So, you need to think about an appropriate name for the website and check if it isn’t taken by anyone else. For instance, you can click the desired name on the name search tool present on GoDaddy and then see if the domain name is available or not. When you click on that particular link, a page will appear. There are other website building tools which allow you to choose and register a domain name for your business.

In case your domain has already been taken by someone, then you have to think about another name or alter the name a little bit that you already have in mind. In few cases, certain registrars of the domain also charge a certain amount of fee to get you in touch with the person who has your desired domain name, and they can buy it for you.

If the domain name is available, then you should register it immediately. The domain name can be bought at an average price starting from Rs. 99 for two years in case it is your first website. The prices can vary from different registrar to registrar. You can also select among the various versions for your website like .in, or .org etc.

3. The third thing that you now have to do is select the template, texts and images which will define your business. Your host will certainly have a large range of templates for you to choose for your website. You can also have the options for visitors or customers to add the page to the YouTube or even share it on the different social media or even locate the physical store of your business on Google Maps. You need to inculcate all the information about your business on the contact us page along with social media links to your business.

In case you are looking for templates which are aesthetically beautiful and demonstrative then you can look at Weebly which is among the most premium website builders. It has over 1.5 billion websites of businesses created in India and also provides a large range of elements that you can simply drag and drop from the sidebar. To change the text within the template, you can simply just double click on the given template box and in order to change the size, you can simply drag it from the corner.

Weebly can be quite easy for any SME which sells a limited range of products. In case your business is big and deals with wide range of products, you should check Shopify, WordPress, GoDaddy.

You need to develop your own content by making sure how you wish to introduce yourself to the potential customers or the visitors. For this particular reason, you need to have sections like about us, gallery, contact us, our services etc.

4. The last thing that you have to do is choose the right logo for your business. A logo for any business and its website influences the overall design of the website. One should always scan the present logo and simply paste it on the website.

For instance, if you have created your account on GoDaddy, you have to visit the settings in GoDaddy webmail and then open the general tab in the “more settings”. Select where you wish to place the logo image right under the email signature, and after doing that when you click on the button “insert inline image”, you will be provided with an option to insert your own logo which is saved in your computer. In case you don’t have any logo in mind then you can take help of your host to design one for you.

There is a large number of software which can assist you in creating your own business logo. Some of these popular software are DesignCrowd, Adobe Photoshop, Vistaprint etc. There are various online logo makers which you can visit where you can design your logo. You can also hire any logo designer to make a logo for you. There are different websites where you can put in your request, and the designers will compete to provide you with the best logo which you desire. Various website builders for small business come with their own design tools. 


A website for your small business is crucial to its success. Most of the customers rely on the website of the business to authenticate and know more about it. They tend to believe the online presence of the company. It is important to have a website which needs significant efforts to make. You have to consider different aspects of website building. You have to select a domain name for your business and a hosting website in order to host your website. You need to create content for your website along with images etc. You need to choose the right template for your website which goes along with the theme of your business.

Make different pages regarding the services and information about your business with all the details. There are numerous website builders which are available on the web where you can easily build your own website. They can certainly help you in creating a customised and aesthetically beautiful website without costing you too much. These website builders for small business are quite affordable especially for small businesses who have limited budget. By simply following the above-mentioned steps, you can easily create a good website for your business in no-time