Essential Elements of a Professional Website

Essential Elements of a Professional Website

Are you looking to design a website for your business or to revamp your current one? No doubt, it can be an overwhelming process. However, knowing the key features, you should have in it makes the process less daunting. The first thing you need to do if you don’t have a website yet, is registering a catchy domain name and getting hosting from reliable web hosts. Once you do this, you can proceed to the website development with the following key elements your website should have.

  1. Mobile layout

With the dawn of smartphones, fewer people access their online services through laptops or desktops. This is why, it is essential to ensure you create a mobile-optimized website. During the website design process, you need to keep checking how your website looks on phone screens. You can use a Google mobile site tester to find out. If you can’t access all the functions of your website on a phone, it’s a sign to approach a development team to fix the issue..

  1. Compelling content

“Content is king” is a commonly used phrase in the digital world. What you provide on your website is an important determinant of whether someone will stick around or leave after a quick glance. Today’s users are highly exposed to a wide variety of content online; therefore, if it is difficult to read, takes too much time to load, or is outdated, they quickly leave. The best way to present your information is in the form of short paragraphs ,t catchy illustrations, and  videos. These are sure to capture their attention.

  1. Security elements

It is vital to secure your website with SSL encryption. SSL certificates encrypt any communication between a client and a web server; therefore, no one can intercept and obtain users’ bank details, social security information, or any other sensitive data they may share on your website. SSL certs come in a wide variety to suit different cybersecurity needs. You may choose from a single-domain SSL to a wildcard SSL, multi-domain SSL or a multi-domain wildcard SSL. If you run an ecommerce venture with multiple first-level subdomains such as payment, blog, product pages under one main domain that you wish to secure, it is recommended to invest in a wildcard ssl cert. If you are looking for a cost-effective yet premium and scalable option for ensuring your webshop’s cybersecurity, then buying and installing a cheap wildcard ssl is suggested.

  1. Search engine optimization

A well-designed website will ultimately attract visitors, and one way to become visible for your visitors is by optimizing your search rankings. It entails inserting keywords in your site content, inbound and outbound links, social media activity, and so much more. There are onsite and offsite SEO activities that you need to enhance so that your website can appear among the search engine’s first search results. Also, the more traffic you attract, the higher you rank. Therefore, digital marketing activities such as social media ads go a long way in improving your rankings.

  1. Easy navigation

It would be great if you had an outstanding layout with easy to understand navigation. Ensure you place the menu in a conspicuous area on the main page. Use logical names for various pages on your website and ensure to include a contact page with clear information so that your clients can reach you in case they have any queries. Trying to be clever or cryptic with your page names can turn off potential users. Many people try to come up with stellar designs to outdo their competitors, but it is not worth it if it slows down your website. Never underestimate the power of simplicity as the professional website design company UGEM does.

Also, a quick bonus tip is to add a call to action button on your site that prompts a user to engage more with your website.