Design Tips to Take Your Business Website to the Next Level

Design Tips to Take Your Business Website to the Next Level

Having a website is instrumental to the success of your business. It can be a great resource for your customers to get information on your company. It can also help them buy products, or simply learn more about what your business stands for. A website can also be helpful to find new customers who might be looking for a solution to their problem.

While the content of your website and the value you provide is important, so is the design. Customers want to visit a snappy, good looking, and responsive site, not one that is laggy, outdated and takes forever to access. If you have poor design, you will likely see fewer visitors.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some great design tips to take your business website to the next level.

Have a Self Service Portal

One of the main reasons why customers will visit the website of a business is to get answers to their questions. They might be curious about your shipping policy, your return policy, or might have a general question about your product or service. While you could allow these people to email their questions, it is generally a better idea to create a self-service portal. This is a website or landing page where customers can resolve their issues without the need for outside help.

Using the right Self Service portal can ensure that your customers and visitors can find quick and easy assistance when they need it. In addition to quicker resolutions to their questions, it could also save you from having to spend as many employee hours on customer service.

If you don’t have this feature, or it isn’t designed with simplicity and speed in mind, your customer service efforts could falter. Any site or page dedicated to customer service should be simple enough for everyone to use and feature a great and accurate search option.

Make it Incredibly Easy to Navigate

When people visit a website, they want to easily be able to get to where they want to go easily and quickly. In fact, 94% of consumers want the business websites they visit to have easy and simple navigation. While there are places you can be creative and different on your site, this shouldn’t be in regards to navigation. It should be kept simple and predictable, to make sure that visitors know where to go.

Toolbars and menus should be responsive, and provide easy labels to guide customers on their journey through your website. The average attention span has gone down dramatically, and this is especially true for those on the internet. So if navigating your site is laborious or confusing, people may simply click off from your site and go elsewhere.

Don’t Forget About White Space

While having clean colors, eye-catching fonts and some photos on your site is necessary, the blank space is just as important. If your website is too busy and there are too many text boxes, pictures, or embedded videos, it can be overwhelming for visitors. As a result, be sure to use blank space effectively on every page of your business website.

This white space is crucial in order to give customers and visitors a bit of a brain break from your site’s content. This improves the flow of the site and providers greater visibility and readability for every viewer. If people get to your site and are bombarded by a wall of text or a dozen pictures, they might end up leaving before they even see what your site (and company) has to offer.

In conclusion, these design tips will help to take your business to a higher level. Web design can be difficult, but doing it successfully can be worth the hard work and investment.