Crafting a Successful Presentation with Premium Educational PowerPoint Templates

Crafting a Successful Presentation with Premium Educational PowerPoint Templates

Creating an educational presentation from scratch can be frustrating, particularly if you’re short on time and aren’t artistic. This is when templates for presentations come in handy! You just buy a ready-made template and adjust it to your needs – add text and visuals, change fonts and colors, if needed, and use tables, charts, and infographics designed by experienced designers.

There are plenty of marketplaces, design studios, and designers, who create such templates and in this article, we will tell you about one of such options. At MasterBundles you can find templates for all purposes including for school, science projects, education, professional, and so on.

Let’s move ahead and get to know about the presentation ppt templates available and some tips regarding successful presentations.

Interactive Educational Presentation Ideas

Although a presentation can be made simply with just some text information. But let’s be true, that is quite boring. For an educational template to be truly teaching it’s key to include interactives and feedback moments. Education PowerPoint templates usually include these interactive slides, but here are some more ideas that will make any presentation interesting.


When it comes to the presenter, he/she should not use the whole time for talking. The presenter can also interact with the audience, find a few minutes to discuss important topics or put down time for everyone to give their own examples.

This helps the audience relate to the subject of the presentation and gets them to be attentive since a question can be asked randomly. The need for presenters to be speaking during the whole presentation is now considered a bad practice.

Non-Linear presentation

A great way to engage participants is to create presentations that organically flow from one topic to another rather than following strict rules. Such presentations focus on the audience’s feedback, presenters flow from topic to topic based on questions, polls, or requests that the audience provides at the end of key points.

Polls, surveys and quizzes

One of the most commonly used tools to get reactions is polls and quizzes. Polls are simple questions with limited answers used to gather a thought. Introduce these by ballots, raising hands, or forming groups. Surveys usually require printed-out sheets with multiple choices. Quizzes are mostly included at the end of the presentation to test what the audience learned and identify weak points.

These interactivities can be held openly, where the audience discusses their ideas and results in a debate or open discussion. Else wise collect answers via paper or online software, which is an anonymous way of interacting.


It’s almost impossible to find someone who doesn’t like a good game or competition. Gamifying the presentation breaks up the silence and gets the audience to get excited about winning. There are many educational games or links to online sites with interactive games.

Discussions or group breakout sessions

Having a presentation be presented in monotone by the presenter can get controversial. If you include sections for open discussions the audience can learn from each other and have opportunities to ask questions to others.

What to remember when choosing a template

When you decide to create a presentation using a ready PowerPoint template, before choosing one be sure to consider some points.

  • Is the chosen template right for your subject?
  • Does it have the right elements according to the overall theme?
  • Does the template include slides for titles, sections, image slides, and other types of slides?
  • Is the templates branding, theme, and topic corresponding with your subject matter?

When you find the ideal template for you, be sure to sketch out the information you want to include. Slides must have a smooth connection between them, include interactives, and be readable.

Premium MasterBundles Templates To Choose From

MasterBundles is a vast marketplace for the best presentation templates. It’s a place where you can find any style template, whether it’s for education, holiday, social content, travel, nature, or fashion it’s all there. Here’s a list of some of the premium templates you can find for your next projects:

1. Education &amp Science Infographic PPT

If you are looking for a useful, colorful, and creative educational presentation template which can be used for various subjects, this PowerPoint template is what you should be going for. It contains 20 unique slides with infographics about education, science, etc. with many charts that are all editable.

2. Educazone – Educational PowerPoint

This is a simple and clean PowerPoint template, where education is used as a theme. It can be edited to fit other topics, not just educational, suitable for finance, marketing plans, technology, etc. Each template includes 30 unrepeated slides with 5 premade color schemes and a black/white choice of background.

Educazone - Educational PowerPoint

3. Elsie PowerPoint Presentation

An effortless yet elegant design of the Elsie PowerPoint template can be used to create a clean educational presentation regarding any subject. You won’t be distracted from the content thanks to the simple design. You may select from more than fifty slides, and it has complete motion to grab your attention.

Elsie PowerPoint Presentation

4. Suimca – PowerPoint Template

This template has a simple design with clean lines and a monotone color scheme. Despite the simple style, you receive a set of 25 distinct slides. You may add a picture of your choosing to each slide and receive an option to change the text’s font and color.

Suimca - PowerPoint Template

5. RAVI Presentation Template

Make a strong, expert presentation with a standout design with the help of the RAVI presentation template. With its distinctive photo placeholders and incredibly fluid animations, it will definitely make an impression. Starting with the 8 color options, 2 backdrop colors, and a wide range of vector icons, there are many features available to you.

RAVI Presentation Template

 6. SPACE PowerPoint Template

The template is great for presenting your subject and your academic interests and making others interested in those too. Advanced infographics, stunning photo layouts, brilliant color combinations, additional maps, simple diagrams, and other elements make it suitable for your future projects.

SPACE PowerPoint Template