The Benefits of Minimalist App Design

The Benefits of Minimalist App Design

There’s a big move in app design as well as web design right now toward minimalism. Minimalist design is great budget-wise. As app development firm Buildfire points out, much of the cost of building an app relates to the complexity of the features and the design. That’s not the only reason developers are going toward minimalism, however.

Minimalism in app UI design tends to focus on clean lines, plenty of whitespace and a limit on the graphics included in the design. Most developers and designers will agree that true minimalist design is the ideal balance between form and function.

Specific elements of minimalism also include simple, monochromatic color palettes, one typeface, and division based on spacing rather than lines.

Just a few years ago user interfaces felt more cluttered and more over-the-top in their design, but the following are some of the primary reasons the trends are changing.

Important Information is Emphasized

With a minimalist design, it’s much easier to emphasize salient information.

You’re able to bring your user’s attention to the places you want it to be without extra cues. Minimalist design is an excellent way to communicate in a meaningful way with your users.

The content of a minimalist app is what’s front and center.

Simpler User Experience

A lot of developers make the mistake of thinking their audience wants complexity when in reality, simplicity makes for a more fulfilling, meaningful app experience.

Minimalist design done well also translates to something that is more user-friendly. The user journey will be more intuitive in most cases, and there tends to be the sense that the aesthetic is sophisticated.

Minimalism inherently decreases the number of choices available to a user. When the interface is minimal, then users aren’t faced with an array of choices that can feel overwhelming as they’re trying to navigate through the app. This isn’t disappointing to most users. It’s actually more rewarding.

Responsive Environments

This benefit applies more to web design minimalist design tends to translate well to responsive environments. However this is a consideration with app design as well and in particular web apps. It’s easier with minimalist design to deliver a great experience across devices.

In line with this is the fact that minimalist app and web design also provides faster loading times, which is integral to the user experience.

Design Tips

When creating a mobile app with minimalist design concepts in mind, the entire planning process should be built around delivering purpose. Everything that’s included should have a clear, defined purpose and that purpose should be the front and center. There should be a reason that you can outline for even the smallest design element to be included.

The result of minimalist app design tends to be a final product that is entirely user-centric. You start with a goal, and you design each element with the user in mind. Each step of the design process is focused on the user, and that is going to mean a better finished product overall. When thinking about minimalism in app design, think that the user is the driving force behind the entire design.