7 Reasons a Blog is Essential as an Entrepreneur

7 Reasons a Blog is Essential as an Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, creating a website is essential. Your digital footprint needs to be as large as possible in your area of expertise, and a website is just the start. In order for your website to get noticed the way you want it to be, you will need to add some great content and a blog.

Learning how to start a successful blog is essential, but what impact will that blog really have on you as an entrepreneur? Why do you need to have a blog as a part of your website? Here are seven reasons a blog is essential as an entrepreneur.


One thing people will want to know is why you in particular are an authority on any given subject. Why should they do business with you rather than your competition? Why should a venture capitalist risk their money investing in your company? It is up to you to illustrate this authority to them, and you can do so by having a meaningful blog with content that illustrates your expertise.


Whether you intend to or not, you are building a reputation, and your digital footprint makes a difference. While social media, and especially your LinkedIn profile, make a huge difference, having a blog helps you build this reputation in a much more tangible way.

This does mean you need to keep the content on your blog of the highest quality. Have someone edit or proofread it for you, and if you are not a great writer, hire a ghostwriter or content strategist to help you.

Gaining Exposure

Beyond just a well-designed website and good content, one thing search engines like is sites that are updated often. This means blogging regularly helps you get found in organic searches. This is the best kind of traffic to drive to your site. Think of it this way, the more you show up in searches in your niche, the more traffic you get to your site. The more traffic you get to your site, the higher you rank in those search results, and the cycle repeats itself.

The more worthwhile content you have on your blog, the more likely it is that people searching for you, your business, or your niche, will find you on the web.

Finding Your Customers

Who is your ideal customer? You should have a general idea of who this is, but the kind of followers you attract on social media and the kind of followers you get on your website will help you narrow your target and understand who your message is actually reaching and resonating with.

Be careful though. Having a different audience than you expect for your blog can mean one of two things: either you were wrong about your ideal customer, or your message is off. Try to determine which is which before abandoning the marketing persona you have created.

Starting Conversations

One of the keys to getting customers to buy from you and others to invest in your business is to start conversations around what you do, the products you sell, and the services you provide. One of the easiest ways to do so is to have blog post that are related to those things. At the end of those, two things are key. The first is to have open ended questions there, and the second is to have a contact form easily accessible.

Inspiring conversation means that you must raise questions in the mind of the reader. Why do they need your product or service? What need or want will it satisfy? Your blog is a great way to share this and get them thinking about your company as a potential solution.

Making Money

How can a blog make you money? There are actually a number of ways. Besides advertising your own products, you can sell ad space to affiliates or preferred partners. You can vet these advertisers carefully, and make sure they also work with your values and will not be offensive but be valuable to your network.

You can also run things like Google AdSense, but be careful here. Your readers come to learn about you and your products and visit your website. An ad heavy page will simply drive them away, the opposite of what you want.

You can also sell your own products and services through your blog, and this is often a great use of the ad space and blog posts. Have a clear Call to Action (CTA) at the end of each post.

Building Your Empire

The people who are the best at their jobs in any given industry are not always the ones who make the most money. It is usually those who are good at what they do, but great at business. This means marketing, digital footprint, social media, and a good website that gets real traffic all matter.


If you are going to build your digital empire, if you are going to build your website and blog reputation, you will benefit as an entrepreneur. A blog is an essential part of all of those things, and the one way you can set yourself apart from your competition.

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