6 Biggest Myths About Logo Design Industry

6 Biggest Myths About Logo Design Industry

Over the decades the logo design industry has been following many mythical rules that have literally stagnated its creative growth and is equally to be blamed for letting down its invaluable customers. The most surprising thing is that many of these myths have not only been blindly overlooked but have also ended up becoming standard rules in the industry. Needless to say, these myths need to be addressed and debunked for the well-being of the entire logo design industry as well as companies that are always on a lookout for a perfect logo. With this in mind, we’ve zeroed on the five biggest myths that continue to adversely impact the logo design industry even today.

Logo needs to speak about the company

One of the biggest myths is that a logo needs to speak about the company in entirety, including its business operation and core philosophy. To debunk this myth, one simply needs to have a look at logos of Apple, Nike, Coca-Cola and many other well-known companies. Apple’s famous logo does not give even the slightest hint that it is into manufacturing of smartphones and other popular electronic devices. Similarly, Nike’s logo barely lets out that it is into making sports accessories.

The important lesson to be drawn from these examples is that while the logo is an integral part of the brand identity, it is essentially a differentiating factor. It merely helps companies to stand out from the crowd, while all the big talks about the need for logo to reflect company’s aspirations and operations can be termed a bit exaggerated.

Symbols are must in all Logos

What is common between the logos of Sony, Microsoft, and FedEx? A cursory glance through logos of these famous companies will make you instantly realize that there are no symbols in them. These logos are completely based on words and texts. This, however, does not mean that symbols must be completely overlooked while designing a logo. After all, logos of Apple and Nike are completely based on symbols.

Actually, whether to use symbols in logos or not is a completely subjective thing. It essentially boils down to what you actually want from your logo. Sometimes symbols add great artistic value to a logo and sometimes they end up spoiling the logo.

A Logo ought to be timeless

If you ever make an attempt to create a timeless logo, you’ll end up chasing a mirage. Quite frankly, there is nothing called an ageless or eternal logo. This is to say that every logo has to undergo minor or even major changes as most companies try to stay relevant in the rapidly changing market. Many times, these changes reflect the needs and aspirations of the current generation, whose habits and preferences are in stark contrast to people who have lived in the bygone era.

A logo has to be liked by everyone

If you try to please everyone, then you’ll end up lonely. This bitter truth applies even to logo designing. Simply put, rarely does anyone end up with a logo that manages to garner unanimous love from everyone. The most important thing to bear in mind is that logos are essentially created for the desired target audience. If that specific target audience is able to identify with your logo, then you need to care little about what other people think about your logo.

Logo has to Adhere Industry Style

Fortunately or unfortunately, every industry has unwritten rules about how their logo should look like. For instance, most real estate companies expect their logos to showcase a building accompanied by lots of trees and greenery. While such unwritten rules make graphic designer’s job lot easier, but they may end up robbing you of truly creative & innovative logo. After all, creativity and innovation happens when you choose to rebel against rules and dogmas.

 Logo creator tools are not Good Enough

People always think that logo maker tools can’t be creative and innovative as a logo designer. It’s a myth that machines cannot match the human creativity. Nowadays, after the introduction of artificial intelligence, there has been a lot of advancements in the branding industry. Online logo generator like Tailor Brands can create an awesome and unique logo for your brand.

To sum it up, breaking these and many other myths is essential for growth of the logo design industry and companies alike. However, breaking these myths will require lot of efforts and time, since they are being followed unhesitatingly by a large part of the industry even today. Nonetheless, all those who claim to be true well-wishers of the logo design industry need to rise to the occasion and try to free the industry from these myths.