5 Reasons Your Website Should Be a Work of Art

5 Reasons Your Website Should Be a Work of Art

These days, most businesses realize they need a website if they’re going to survive. It’s theoretically possible to run a local, physical business and become profitable without having a web presence, but it’s astoundingly (and increasingly) difficult to do so. While some business owners are immediately enthusiastic about the prospect of developing a site for their companies, a sizable portion are reluctant to do so – they see a website as a pure expense, or as a necessity, and they treat it as such.

Your Website Shouldn’t Be a Chore

The problem with this is that when you treat your website like a chore, you rush through the process, and you don’t prioritize it. Though not always true, most people with this mentality end up picking a template website, or a design based purely on convenience, rather than investing the time, money, and effort it takes to make a website unique and beautiful.

If you want to increase your chances of success, you should treat your website as a work of art—not just a chore or a task to be executed and then abandoned. Here’s why:

  1. Your mind will think about your business in new ways. As Park West Gallery knows, art can have some powerful effects. It sponsors a series of art education programs designed to help children think in creative new ways. Some studies suggest that the art is a kind of gateway in creative thinking, helping young children develop new neural pathways and thought processes that can help them in other academic areas. Even though your brain may already be fully developed, you can still use artistic thinking to expand how you imagine your business; who knows, you might even uncover angles for your brand you never previously considered.
  2. You’ll be able to present your brand appropriately. Your brand is wholly unique. You may have a number of similar competitors, or your branding might be loosely inspired by brands in other industries, but the fact remains that you, your business, and your customer base have yielded a unique identity and you need to show off how unique that identity really is. You can’t do that if you try and stuff your brand into a box that already exists, created by someone else’s standards. The fewer limitations you have to showcase your brand, the more accurately and appropriately you’ll be able to display it.
  3. You can help your organization stand out in a crowded market. The internet is full to the point of bursting with millions of individuals and businesses who have used pre-existing templates to build their sites. Even an amateur can pick out these designs, noting the similar frames and colors that persist in so many different applications. This doesn’t exactly help your brand stand out. Pursuing a more artistic, individualistic design will help you break away from these all-too-familiar patterns, so you’re seen as more than just white noise.
  4. Your customers will take you more seriously. Your brand is only as powerful as your customers think it is. If you invest some serious time and money into making your site beautiful, it’s going to show. Your customers and users are going to know that you’ve prioritized your own business, and that you take your work seriously. It serves as a major boon for your brand reputation, and is well worth the initial one-time investment.
  5. You’ll get automatic inspiration for marketing and advertising campaigns. Don’t forget that the design elements associated with your brand have lasting and potentially far-reaching effects. Yes, your initial creative design is intended to serve your brand’s website alone, but your work doesn’t need to end there. You can use your creative design as inspiration for your future marketing and advertising campaigns, simultaneously improving those campaigns’ potential performances, and reducing your creative burden to develop fresh ideas all the time.

How You Can Get Started

It may be intimidating to get started as an artist of your own website, but the process is simpler than you might imagine. Consider your brand carefully-what it means to people, what’s important to your customers, etc.-and use those elements while working with a professional designer or artist to create a truly custom design for your website. It may take a few drafts to perfect your vision, but the end result will be worth it.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with website templates; in fact, they’ve helped countless businesses build a solid foundation for their brands online. But if you consider your website as a work of art, you’ll open doors to more creativity, more marketing and advertising options, and a stronger reputation in your online community.