Skindeep by Julien Palast

These photographs under the series “Skindeep” by French photographer Julien Palast are really awesome, creative and brilliant. The vivid image-based project silhouettes the beauty of the human form by shrink-wrapping bodies, exposing the contours and curves of male and female figures with vibrant colors. [listpost dir=’l1′ mode=’s’ heading=’false’ caption=’false’]

Emotional Photography by Wendy Sacks

Today, the focus is dramatic, strongly emotional, and passionate photographs by New York-based photographer Wendy Sacks. Each water-based scene demonstrates moments of loneliness, the bonds of family, unrequited love, or untimely death. This series, Immersed in Living Water, reveals all kinds of emotions and, according to the artist, combines “an …

Absolutely Stunning Examples of Human Eye Photography

Suren Manvelyan is a talented photographer. His photographic interests span from Macro to Portraits, Creative photo projects, Landscape, and much more. Suren’s photos have been published in numerous magazines and newspapers in Armenia and worldwide. Macro photography is an effective technique for many types of subjects, but especially catches ones …