Your One-Stop Guide for Selecting the Best WordPress Hosting

Your One-Stop Guide for Selecting the Best WordPress Hosting

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for blogs, business websites and other types of websites. Whether you just want to start a simple blog or you want to start a website with a forum, blog and ecommerce tools, it can be done with WordPress.

The popularity of WordPress has caused an ongoing debate about the best WordPress hosting company. There are several choices and many are very good. Here are a few tips to help you find the best hosting company for your WordPress website or blog.

Trust Matters

Your hosting company needs to be trustworthy. There are many ways to find out if they are trustworthy including online reviews, experience and testing the support.

When reading online web hosting reviews, keep in mind, many people will post something negative before they will rave about their hosting company. However, the positive reviews can show you a bit of what you are getting into, just as negative reviews may help you to avoid a bad hosting company.

The experience of a hosting company will speak volumes about their trustworthiness. A new hosting company may not stay open very long or they may just be out to make a quick buck. Choosing a company with 10 years of experience or more is the safest route.

If you are still struggling to trust a specific hosting company after reading online reviews and looking at their experience, you can test their support. Contact the technical support team with a few questions about hosting. They need to answer quickly and provide a professional experience. If they do, they are probably a very trustworthy hosting company.

Multiple Types of Hosting

Hosting companies often offer shared, VPS, dedicated, reseller and cloud hosting. They won’t all offer every single option, but you need to choose a hosting company with multiple options.

You may never have a need for a dedicated server or a reseller account, but you may need to upgrade from shared hosting to a VPS account as you grow. A hosting company only offering shared hosting may not be the best choice, as they are often trying to build up clients and sell their company to a larger hosting company.

Choosing WordPress-Specific Hosting

Just because a hosting company calls it “WordPress Hosting” doesn’t mean it’s any better for running a website or blog than a regular hosting account. Often, these types of hosting accounts are more expensive and they may provide a few benefits, such as a built-in CDN, but they may not be benefits you really need.

A shared hosting account from a trustworthy hosting company is all you really need. As long as they give you WordPress as one of the features you can use, you will be all set.

You don’t need to spend $30 a month just because they call it “WordPress Hosting.” Instead, choose hosting for less than $5 a month from a reputable hosting company.

Finding the right WordPress hosting may seem a bit overwhelming. However, if you use the tips above, you can easily find an affordable, trustworthy hosting company with options for you to grow.