Why You Should Choose A2 Hosting

Why You Should Choose A2 Hosting

WordPress is one of the best available Content Management Systems. Aside from the fact that it is 100% open-source, it has multiple features that make it outstanding. It is the ideal tool for building a website quickly and easily. WordPress websites are not only efficient but also fast and secure. Below are features of WordPress:

  • Dynamic usage; whether you want to build a simple portfolio website or a complex eCommerce website. WordPress is capable of getting it done once you know your way around it.
  • Extensible; WordPress is primarily built as a blog, but with enough themes and plugins, it can be converted to any type of website.
  • Easy-to-use; with WordPress modules, there is no need for any programming knowledge to build a functioning website. All that needs to be done is to find suitable plugins for the task at hand, install and activate it.
  • Superb user management system; from simple admin-run website to community, social media, etc. WordPress is capable of handling them all.
  • Easy content management; WordPress dashboard is where all the magic happens. And even a rookie web designer can make anything happen with buttons, dropdowns, input controls and so on.
  • Large userbase/support; As of today, WordPress powers over 70 million websites around the world. So there is already a solution for any problems that might be encountered with WordPress.
  • SEO; WordPress has been built to enhance the SEO features of any website built with it. Pretty URLs, custom post pages, etc. are some of the WordPress in-built features that enhance SEO.

However, all these features might be hindered when a WordPress website does not have access to adequate hosting resources. A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting offers sufficient resources to make WordPress perform at its maximum capability.

A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting

Not only A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting has features that enhance WordPress functionality. It also boosts productivity as there will be time to focus on generating quality contents while A2hosting.com handles other technical aspects.

  • Turbo speed (20X faster); a WordPress website is naturally fast, but it is faster with A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting plan. The server has been optimized to give WordPress websites 20X faster speed than they can achieve while hosted on shared hosting.
  • Dedicated hosting; A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting is a 100% dedicated hosting plan. This implies that WordPress websites hosted with this plan will never have to compete for resources. And will be more secure.
  • Free SSL certificates; security certificate is an important security module on any website. Not only does it secure a website, but it also makes users trust the credibility of a website. Instead of purchasing separately, SSL certificate is a bonus on all A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting plans.
  • Free CDN; A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting comes with free CND servers to host your site’s script and other resources. CDN enhances website speed.
  • SSD storage; SSD facilitates faster file processing speed than traditional Hard Disk storage.
  • Powered by Plesk; contrary to popular Control Panel, Plesk lets you automate virtually any task.
  • Free themes and plugins; with the A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting plan, you will have access to hundreds of premium plugins and themes at zero costs.
  • Automatic updates; WordPress releases new versions every time there is new development or bugs that need to be fixed. And the same goes for WordPress themes and plugins. Without A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting, WordPress website and its modules have to be updated manually, but this hosting plan can take care of it automatically.
  • Automatic backups; backing up a WordPress website is an important task that should be performed regularly. It will be devastating to have a live website crash without backups. With this plan, no need for manual backup. A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting takes care of it at your specified interval.
  • Site transfer; moving a WordPress website from one hosting server to another requires technical expertise, and expert best do it to avoid data loss. With A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting, experts are ready to move any WordPress website to A2hosting server.
  • Unlimited support; a dedicated support team is available 24/7 for the A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting plan.

These are few of A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting features, visit https://www.a2hosting.com/wordpress-hosting/managed to review and purchase any of the plans.

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