Why It is Vital For You to Regularly Analyse Your Website

Why It is Vital For You to Regularly Analyse Your Website

If you are a SEO beginner, it is vital to acquaint yourself with link building basics and critical concepts and approaches in any given campaign. Thus, you need to carry out an in-depth analysis of your backlinks considering its essentiality to any strategy in link building crusades.  More so, analysing your backlinks enables you to enhance your understanding of links – quality of your links and link building approaches.

Why you need to conduct an in-depth backlink analysis

The elements of an in-depth scrutiny of backlinks include:

  • An aggregate number of links
  • The number of exclusive domains
  • Complete links versus linking domains
  • Anchor text utilisation and variance – keyword rich, branded etc.
  • New/inbound links
  • Performance of pages
  • Quality of links

The benefits of link profile

According to http://scanbacklinks.com/, link portfolio or profile is an elaborate way of regarding all sites back linking to your site with some kind of acknowledgement.  This therefore means that by analysing any given site, you will be directly viewing the site that is actually connecting to your site – in what way and to which page in particular. Considering that Google’s algorithms are largely dependent on links, the ability of any given website to command a higher ranking in the search engine depends largely on the site’s backlink profile/portfolio.

In this case, before embarking on your link building promotion, it is critically important to have a clear understanding of the existing link profile of the site. When treading on this path, there are certain tools you can use and they include:

  • Moz’s Open Site Explorer
  • Majestic SEO
  • Ahrefs
  • Raven Tools
  • Cognitive SEO
  • SEO SpyGlass

Depending on your preference, you can pick any of these tools and rest assured that your job will be perfectly executed. In order to gain access to as much info as possible, it is recommended that you use at least two of them.

How to get started

To begin with, you will need to visit the tool site of your choice and connect to the URL of your target website. This will instantly move you to the website’s overview page where you will have an opportunity to closely look at the complete overview of the target site’s backlinks. In case you are using a backlink explorer for the first time, it is recommended that you give yourself between 30 minutes and a hour before clicking and getting acquainted to the numerous graphs, filters, tabs and functions to name a few.

It is vital to be contented with the tool if you want to understand the information it is capable of bringing forward and the implication. The moment you get used to your new SEO device, the first thing to consider in your analysis should be the actual number of links. As such http://scanbacklinks.com/ offers a perfect opportunity to understand how this is done and the analytical results to expect at the end of the practice.

Knowing the amount of links is an ideal way of figuring out how your site is currently fairing on in terms of competitiveness. This is so particularly if you are considering your counterpart’s link count as well. Even though, you can easily spam a higher link count using techniques such as article inventories, sitewide links, and blog comments to list a few. Thus, the amount of links does not necessary mean a powerful link portfolio or top ranking.

After getting the actual number of links in your final results, you can now move on to the next step that involves identifying the number of exclusive domains such as:

  • Referring domains
  • Linking Root Domains

As it were, unique domain is considered an improved metric as compared to link count attributing to the fact that most links emanating from a common domain are regarded as having a low value. There are, of course, other factors leading to this including quality, link placement, relevance and anchor text among others. Hence, if you want to achieve high-rate metrics, it is important to analyse both the linking domains alongside total number of links.

There is the third, fourth, fifth.. and so on steps to go through before completing your backlink analysis and you can learn more by vising the link above.