Why Content of Your Website is No Less Important Than Design

Why Content of Your Website is No Less Important Than Design

Have you ever gone for a job interview or have you ever thought what a job interview requires of you? Many people, when going for a job interview want to put on their best attire. This is because they want to impress their employers with their appearance and by showing them that they are ready for the job. Dressing to your very best is not an issue, but for your employers to consider if you are worth the job or not, they have to hear and see what comes out of you.

Similarly, for people to respect you out there, they ought to know more about your personality. How you dress can make respect as well as disrespect you. Your personality or disposition will act as a determinant in whether you will get the job or whether people will give you the respect you deserve. Correspondingly, when creating your website, you need to put into consideration what you want your users to see. In as much as design is fundamental in creating a website, content also matters. What you post on your website will determine whether you will have more frequent users visiting your website.

Search engines love content

Looking for particular information on the internet seems to be a challenging task to many people. This is because some sites either provide you with little or irrelevant information. Moreover, such websites are not visible to Google or Bing and hence making it hard for you to get what you want. Such websites can easily deter you from using them to look further for any information, and thus they lose value. When creating a website, do not focus much on the design. The design is important as it attracts people to your website by making a good impression, but you also need to consider what will make them visit it frequently. The content of your website matters as much as the design, and you have to ensure that it is easily accessible to people. Many students love reading interesting articles. No one would consider reading something which does not captivate or motivate them. You can post such articles on your blog which in turn will enable your search engines to rank up.

To make your website more efficient and effective, you ought to consider the keywords you use, the inbound links and other search engine elements. The keywords you use need to be unique on your website pages. They can be easily highlighted naturally and relevantly thus will push up your website on the search engine rankings. This will make your website more visible, and hence it will be easily discovered on sites such as Google and Yahoo. Such sites hunt for high quality content. Also, the inbound links lead the users to find additional information which they may be looking for. Take into consideration how your website is portrayed to search engines as it will determine how and when your website will be shown in the search results of relevant search probes.

Content provides a great opportunity for external links

The content of your website is as important as design as it offers a great opportunity for external links. External links enable users to look for supplementary information from other websites based on what is on your website. External links provide you with a variety of sites to search from hence making it easier for you to get the information you want. Using external links on your website allows you to attract users to your site as they may get additional information from other sites. You cannot have all the relevant information that someone might be looking for on your website. Therefore, it is vital that you provide external links which can enable you to become a reference resource in your niche.

Moreover, providing external links shows other websites and content creators that you are willing in sharing what you have with others. In turn, other websites may link their websites to yours too, and hence the internal links are incentivized. Providing external links also helps to build relationships and attract more visitors to your site. Bloggers, especially link most of the time externally. Posting an interesting article on your website can attract as many users as possible. Additionally, linking your site to other websites will create a relationship between your site and other sites since your site will be on their referrers.

Good content will help to keep visitors on your website

While creating a website, you first need to consider what will make people get attracted to it. Some websites may have been designed to allure people to them, but to the dismay of such people, they do not find what they are looking for on these websites. This makes it hard for people to use such websites and hence difficult to recommend it to others. When creating your website, you need to consider what will make people visit your site more frequently. Do not focus much on the design and less on the content. Users may be attracted to your site because of the design but once they go through it, some may easily lose interest because of your content. Value the content of your website as much as the design. Provide users with the information they are looking for in a lucid and easily accessible format as it will help to keep them on your website.

Additionally, using high quality content on your website attracts more users as it gets shared more often. The content of your website can be shared through various social media platforms which in turn attracts students and business people among others. For instance, essay writing poses a challenge to many students. You can use this opportunity and offer article writing services to them. You can provide students with articles for sale which can be the starting point for a majority of them. It will be of great assistance and thus will make them visit your site more frequently. They can also recommend it to other students hence making your website discoverable. The content of your website can convert the users into fans of your work hence makes it easy to attract more visitors. Therefore, when creating your website, ensure you provide users with original high quality content to entice them to visit your site more often.


In conclusion, in as much as the design of your website is important, you should also value the content of your website. The design of your website is essential as it makes a good impression of users and attracts them to your site. Correspondingly, the content of your website is crucial too as it is beneficial in various ways. The content of your website can improve search engine rankings which makes your website more visible to people. High quality content also helps to keep visitors to your site and lure them to visit it more frequently. Additionally, it can help convert your website users to your fans since they are pleased with the quality of your work.