What is The Difference Between a Web Designer and a Graphic Designer?

What is The Difference Between a Web Designer and a Graphic Designer?

There could be many reasons you want to know about the differences between a graphic designer and a web designer. You may be looking at hiring professionals to help with creating your website or you could be seeking assistance with designing a new logo for your business or organisation. You may have thought that the job of a graphic designer and that of a web designer are the same thing. This is not true.

There some similarities between the two roles; the main one being the design element. That being said, the roles themselves involve some very different tasks and challenges. Let’s take a look at what a web designer does in comparison to a graphic designer.

The role of a graphic designer

Graphic design is a very popular career with those people who are of a creative nature. Graphic designers often work with the printing industry to design patterns and logos to be printed on brochures and documents as well as on clothing. Graphic designers often work on the creation of logos as well as other graphics and designs. It’s also possible that a graphic designer might work online, designing digital content. When this happens it’s worth noting that the do not complete any programming work. It’s also worth noting that graphic designers often have a lot of freedom to just go ahead and design.

The role of a web designer

Web designer tend to have more restrictions placed on their work, due to issues caused by publishing to the Internet. They obviously have the same design influence but they work in completely different media a lot of the time. Web designers often work for companies such as quikclicks.com.au where they join with others from the team to create the entire website user experience.

Although the jobs of web design and web development are separate entities many web designers are expected to be able to code a little in order to make their designs work on a functioning website. All elements of design have a technical side to them but this additional aspect tends to make web design a more technical discipline than graphic design overall.

You can see that the role of a graphic designer is different to that of a web designer, although some aspects of the job definitely overlap. Both roles require the people working in them to be creative and to work to produce the desired design product. Web designers tend to be more restricted in the way they design and they also tend to have some technical knowledge about the creation of web content.

Which of these professionals you hire is going to depend on what type of work you want them to undertake, although some work is interchangeable. For instance you may need someone to help you restructure your brand, in which case you may want to seek out a web designer who can also help with the creation of a new logo as opposed to a graphic designer who can only complete that aspect of the work; the choice is yours.