What Does Zwicker and Associates Do?

What Does Zwicker and Associates Do?

Most of us receive so many spam calls these days, it’s easier to just ignore the phone when it starts ringing that answer it. But once in a while, there will be an unfamiliar number calling that actually needs to be addressed. This is the case if you’re getting calls from Zwicker and Associates. If you’re wondering why they’re contacting you, or what Zwicker and Associates even does, here are a few answers for you.

What is Zwicker and Associates?

Zwicker and Associates is a law firm that specializes in debt collection. They’re based out of the Boston area, but have offices all over. If you’re getting calls from Zwicker and Associates, it’s time to start learning about what it means to have debt in collections.

Debt collection agencies basically purchase loans—mostly unsecured debtsheld by credit card companies. Usually, these are delinquent loans that the credit card company has been unable to collect on for too long. So, instead of taking a total loss, they sell the debt to a collections agency for less than it’s “worth.” The collectors will then use more aggressive tactics to get paid, as their profit is determined by how much they can collect from the loan.

Why is Zwicker and Associates Contacting Me?

If Zwicker and Associates is contacting you, it’s almost certainly because they’re trying to collect on debt they think you owe, or are tying to get information about someone who they think owes money. To be sure, talking to just about anyone else on the phone is preferrable to Zwicker and Associates.

American Express is one of the major credit card companies that works with Zwicker and Associates. Individuals who are late on their payments there might be getting a call from Zwicker and Associates in the near future.

How to Deal with a Zwicker and Associates Lawsuit

There are lots of things that can happen when you’re dealing with debt collectors. Getting sued is definitely one of the most extreme, and least preferrable, outcomes. How should you handle a Zwicker and Associates lawsuit as a consumer?

Having do deal with a lawsuit is never fun. It can be intimidating and extremely expensive regardless of the case. It can also be a pretty common practice in the world of debt collections. This is a system that affects millions of people, especially those in the lower income brackets. A report from ProPublica shows that lawsuit activity by debt collectors has increased dramatically over the past few decades. This is especially difficult for the defendants, as they’re typically not able to afford legal representation.

If you get sued by Zwicker and Associates, or any other debt collectors, it’s important you know how to respond. The first thing you need to do is have the debt validated by the collectors. This is essentially them providing proof that the debt is yours and you actually owe a certain amount. There are many times the paperwork simply isn’t in their possession, and you can get out of the lawsuit due to their inability to validate the debt.

There are also certain laws that determine the statue of limitations when it comes to debt. Just because your debt has surpassed this limit, however, doesn’t mean debt collectors won’t still try to sue you. It’s important you respond to the lawsuit in any case, as ignoring it will just make things worse for you. This can lead to wage garnishments and other negative outcomes, such as your right to fight the debt.

While the best course of action is to work with an attorney, this isn’t always going to be possible if you’re struggling financially. However, it’s essential you stay on top of this process, as it will otherwise be dictated entirely by the collectors, who don’t have your best interest in mind.