Using WordPress to Start Your Business Website

Using WordPress to Start Your Business Website

If you’re like me, your business frequently runs into a formidable problem: the company website. Managing one can be technical, and time consuming. Even if you do know HTML and CSS, looking after every issue that comes up can be daunting. And every minute you spend doing that takes away from the time you need for your business, threatening your bottom line. You could pay to have someone else do it for you, but that’s costly, and often, still requires you to waste time keeping an eye on someone else. Thousands of bloggers around the net have found a simple and effective solution. They’ve learned a WordPress website looks professional, is easily managed, and cost effective. The platform is being adopted by more business every day. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is WordPress

WordPress is the most popular web publishing system on the Internet. Some 60 million websites currently use the platform. It allows users to create and manage content online without needing to be some sort of Internet expert. You don’t need to be a master coder to use it. If you have an Internet connection, you’re ready to go. Signing up is a brief, straightforward process, and the price is right: free.

How Does it Work

To take advantage of the benefits of a WordPress website you just need to head over to Once there, you can create a free account, and have your website up in about two minutes. From there you can apply one of the 2,000 free themes that have been professionally designed to make your site look its best. You can even host your domain name there, for a small fee, giving you a web address customers can easily find. Additionally, you can migrate to a web hosting account at any time. This lets you customize things further. Best of all, there’s a native app for pretty much every mobile device, so you can keep an eye on things no matter where you are.

How Does WordPress Help My Business

Besides making it easy to create and manage your website, WordPress packs a ton of features and benefits. To begin with, it’s an open source platform, which means you have control of your website, no matter what. When you’ve done the hard work of establishing a website it’s good to know changing business models won’t adversely affect it. The service has been refined and enhanced over ten years, so that it now performs on a world-class level. Google engineers have praised WordPress’ search engine friendliness, saying it solves a ton of optimization issues automatically. Perhaps the most impressive feature of all is the vast array of plugins that are available to users. Anything from a simple contact form to a full ecommerce system can easily be added to a website. No coding needed. This means your website can quickly and easily adapt to meet the needs of a growing business. WordPress empowers your business with a feature-rich program for one of your most important assets. More importantly, it lets you take advantage of the knowledge and skills of others.

The WordPress Community

WordPress is the most popular web publishing system on the planet. Thanks to its availability, open source platform, feature-rich suite, and economical price fully 23 percent of the Internet’s websites use it to do business and provide services to customers. A robust, highly skilled, and generous community has emerged to provide new and experienced users with the support they need. Community members are eager to exchange ideas, and each of them works hard to improve the WordPress experience for everyone. Whether online, through the official forum, or in person, via WordCamp events organized around the world, WordPress users can benefit from the knowledge and experience of thousands of people around the globe.

The Mobile Web

Smart businesspeople keep their eyes on customer trends, and no trend may be more important than the move toward mobile devices. Many customers have abandoned full sized computers in favor of tablets, smartphones, and other portable devices. If your websites isn’t optimized to run on these small screens it can look choppy, and frustrate your customers. When customers are frustrated, they turn to the competition. That’s why WordPress has invested a great deal of effort in mobile optimization. Besides creating a native app for nearly every device, it has designed a myriad of themes that work well with the mobile web. Beyond that, these websites are designed to look good and function easily on portable devices. The program is designed to let you see and manage your content anywhere. It’s a powerful tool that sets WordPress apart, and allows your business to thrive in a changing world.

WordPress is a powerful, affordable tool that is revolutionizing businesses around the world. 60 million websites trust the technology every day, because it delivers a tested product that is full of a suite of essential features. It puts any business on solid footing with a professional website that is easily created, managed and hosted, but it goes beyond other services with its search engine optimization, mobile-friendly approach, impressive plugins, and invaluable community. No business can afford to ignore such a powerful toolkit in a world that demands efficiency and adaptability. If you’re struggling with your business website, want to improve it, or are ready to create something brand new, I strongly recommend giving WordPress a try. I have yet to see another service match its features and affordability.