Unforgivable SEO Mistakes to Avoid and Protect Your Website’s Integrity

Unforgivable SEO Mistakes to Avoid and Protect Your Website’s Integrity

Google Penguin has penalized myriads of websites because they made awful SEO mistakes. They were unable to deal with the test because SEOs best practices were forgotten.

Ignoring SEO and put emphasis on content

Content marketing works greatly, but is not a substitute for SEO. Obviously, the amazing content has proved to get high ranking, but this is an exception and not a rule. To get content ranked on-page SEO is needed. It helps to enhance user experience, which is a smart move.

Disregarding formal link building

Contents get links, but you need to put some extra effort like content promotion, digital PR, getting local citations, guest blogging, and more.

Guest posting on wrong site

Guest posting is valuable to build links, get more exposure, and improve leads. Posting on wrong bloggers site can gravely harm your repute and ranking. Research the potential host blog thoroughly for relevancy and reliability.

Overlooking internal links

Linking your internal web pages and posts to one another helps to evenly distribute the link equality and enhance metrics like page views and spent time onsite. This gets attained efficiently through natural anchor text links instead of keywords or links only to relevant content and more.

Ignoring anchor text optimization

Using same anchor text for all the links looks funny to viewers and Google can get a feeling of being ‘played’. Therefore use variations on phrases, company name, or even URL. Make it look natural for viewers and search engine bots.

Anchor text links needs to be phrased cleverly because it is the main food source for search engine bots. Links are used as indicators of page theme and ranking by search engine bots. ‘Click here’ pattern used for anchor text link for CTA is actually wasted link building opportunity. You can include some related keywords in the anchor text like ‘Click here and gain discounts on our online training courses’. This tailored anchor text will influence call to action, efficiently.

Focusing more on social media marketing than acquiring good links

Social media marketing is good but not a compromising solution for intended link building. People make mistake of throwing links on social networks without any thought. Aiming in dark makes one feel that he is working hard but ultimately suffers as he does not know his target audience.

Ineffective keyword research

Keyword is all about identifying the highly relevant ones to determine, which topics to write about on your website. You can certainly use those phrases & keywords or related terms or variations in your content by placing them in strategic areas.

The days of stuffing content with keywords is long gone. Today, it is regarded as shady tactic to manipulate rankings, which compels Google to kick your site swiftly at the bottom of result page.

Have broken links

A hyperlink that does not point to its intentional destination is called ‘broken link’. It is natural for websites to accumulate broken links, which is a nuisance for viewers and Google. Common causes are moved or deleted content, URL changes, alteration in structure and inaccurate re-directs.

Bad links can earn bad reputation online and Google downgrades website rankings with dilemmas like this. Therefore perform some housekeeping work on your website regularly.

Same title tags & Meta description

Title tag is crucial on-page SEO factor, so they need to be unique and reveal the web page content. It helps search engines to index correctly and searchers get an indication that the content is relevant.

Meta description is the sales pitch for your web pages in search results. Make them persuasive and descriptive.

The other things to consider are never avoid analytics, focus on link quality rather than quality, and always create link worthy content. It helps to keep viewers and Google both happy!