Trust Flow: Directing Traffic Through Links That Matter

Trust Flow: Directing Traffic Through Links That Matter

Digital marketers have to do a million and one things to get their products or services noticed on the world-wide-web. There are various metrics that are being touted as the best metrics to use to figure out whether all that work you put into your online campaigns aren’t just aimlessly floating in nothingness. Perhaps you have been told that in order to get people’s attention you need to produce as much content and monitor the data that is generated by this content. It is virtually impossible to do this wi9thout having multiple of devices monitoring various aspects but then again if you leave you online to the various metrics. You need to engage with your online posts. Forget about page ranks, it might net you a few clicks from confused browsers and only half a percent of those thousand clicks will stay on because they read beyond the first line.

The Death of PageRank in effective SEO

Why is PageRank dying? It is becoming a useless metric because it does not provide a way to link content to relevance. This has brought Trust Flow metrics in the forefront of how successful online campaigns can be regarded.

Even though Google may never replace its Page Rank system, it does not mean everyone is doomed to the one system for all eternity, not when the internet has grown as big as it has and has been used for more things than people envisioned ten years. The advances in technology forces continuous innovation and force us to look at new ways of doing things.

What is Trust Flow Metrics?

Simply put, Trust flow metrics measure how authoritative a domain is within a specific niche. The contents that link back to a specific page help determine its trustworthiness in terms of having content that is relevant and authoritative. It cuts through all the fake content that has nothing to do with a topic or a specific product or service. Trust Metrics are weighed by the number of clicks from trusted sites the weighing is based on the flow of traffic through a link, the relevancy of that linking site and the other links linking to that site.

Yes this is an improved link building method that is more focused and user friendly. It eliminates the bored browser, the confused browser and the frustrated browser from trawling the internet for something specific and having to get through 20 sites through backlinks that have little or nothing to do with what he or she is looking for.

Incorporating Analysis of Your Competition

Trust Flow requires that you sift through your direct competitors. Meta tags can be misleading so you want to make sure that the links you acquire are topically relevant. General sites that are set up to attract general traffic are big time wasters, not every “make money online” deal with the topic the same way. With Trust flow you pay attention to those links that are relevant to your own take on the subject. Sites that go up the ranks without any topical relevance are mostly fueled by spam and are annoying time wasters.