Top Design Tips for Your Cryptocurrency Blog Business

Top Design Tips for Your Cryptocurrency Blog Business

One of the most exciting topics being talked about these days is cryptocurrency–and as someone who’s interested in digital currencies like Bitcoin, the potential of blockchain to change our world, and how we’ll one day be connected globally in an economic system that is totally revolutionary, you’re always up-to-date on the latest news.

One day, you had an amazing business idea for a startup: to start blogging about cryptocurrency and blockchain in a way that makes sense to the general public, but with all your expert information to back it up. That means you can discuss blockchain-based companies that mint health blockchain tokens or work to improve the freight network with the perfect balance of industry jargon and approachable language.

But running a successful blog isn’t just about your command of the material and language–it’s also about using the right design strategies, so you attract new readers and keep the ones you have. If you want to run your cryptocurrency blog business successfully, follow these design tips:

1. Choose what looks works for your function

Depending on how your cryptocurrency blog works, you need a different kind of layout for different functions. For example, if your blog is a personal one, more about your opinions on cryptocurrency and blockchain, then you can have the main page that’s simply your blog posts, and then an about you page where you explain where your passion started and what your favorite cryptocurrency podcasts are. However, if your blog is more of a news outlet, you’ll want to imitate the clean yet active look of online news sites. To learn more about the possibilities and get inspired, check out these templates from WordPress.

The fact is, 38 percent of people choose to stop using a website if its content or layout is unattractive–so this is an especially important design feature to focus on.

2. Don’t fill your site with junk

The fact is, 43 percent of people admit to skimming blog posts, and that’s because they’ve got such short attention spans already. The Internet is a competitive place to get attention, and if your blog has anything ugly or outdated, it’s going to be a tipoff to readers that they have a better place to spend their time.

According to Impact, this means getting rid of complicated animations, stock website images, and jargon–and focus instead on creating “a first impression that easily gets the main points across. This should be done with short, powerful sections of content and applicable photographs/icons that are sectioned off by clear and concise headers.” Especially when it comes to the topic of cryptocurrency, it can be easy to get bogged down with jargon or infographics that won’t make much sense to the average reader–so know your audience well enough to know what they can handle.

3. Be phone friendly

Think about how much time you spend on your phone, and what you spend most of that time doing. Your answer is probably going to be something like scrolling through Facebook, catching up on cryptocurrency news on my favorite blogs (at least, the ones I can read on my phone), and messaging my friends. So it should come as no surprise to you that the average American is spending over four hours a day on their phones–and that your blog design should be accessible to anyone reading it on their phone.

In order to do this correctly, HostGator recommends using the Google Mobile Friendly Test, optimizing for touch screens, since “people are used to zooming in with fingertips and swiping across to view more,” compressing HTML, CSS, and images so that “your blog posts don’t consume too much data on mobile devices,” choosing the right font sizes, switching to a mobile-friendly theme, and implementing accelerated mobile pages. Especially with a topic as complex as cryptocurrency, visual clarity is going to make a huge difference to your readers.

4. Choose an aesthetic and stick to it everywhere

Finally, you need to choose an aesthetic that works for your readers. This means picking out a few theme colors that complement each other, deciding what fonts are easy to read but also draw attention, and using this specific aesthetic not only in your blog but social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The fact is, color increases brand recognition by 80 percent, so by thinking like a pro and figuring out the perfect look for your blog, you’ll get more customers and more of them coming back, too.

By using these tips, your cryptocurrency blog will draw all the readers you’ve been looking for–and help make your blog into the successful business you’ve always wanted. 

What do you find most challenging about figuring out the right design strategies for blogging?