Three Features Your Non Profit Needs to Have On Its Website

Three Features Your Non Profit Needs to Have On Its Website

Running a non-profit or charity organization that relies on donations these days is very much about online engagement. While your strategies for finding donors and raising funds may often involve a lot of direct engagement at events or on the street, online you have an opportunity to show what you are doing to a far wider audience, and keep people who already follow your work filled in on what their contributions are allowing you to achieve.

Three Features Your Non Profit Needs to Have On Its Website

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If your current website is somewhat lackluster or not getting the performance you want in terms of traffic or people converting from visitors to donors, then it could be that this is a good time to give it a revamp. Equally, if you are launching a brand new non-profit, you’ll want your site to be as appealing as possible from the outset. Here are three features your site absolutely needs:

A Way to Donate That Captures Donor Information

No matter how good the content of your site is at convincing people to support you, if they can’t do it right there and then then they may well forget as life carries on. This means you need a donation feature, however a simple form that allows them to make an anonymous one off donation or a donation with just a name and message won’t get the best out of your engagement with them. Instead, you need options for them to sign up to make regular donations of any amount they want, and a form that captures more information about them which you can put in your donor management software and use to keep in contact with them. This way you can build up a relationship that could lead to further or bigger donations or them joining in to help in other ways with your cause.

Prominent Social Share Features

Your supporters are a big key to spreading the word about your organization and helping you reach more potential donors, so you want to encourage them to share your content as much as possible, and make it easy for them to do this. It can also be a good idea to have a screen generated after a person donates that allows them to share the fact they have become a donor on Facebook and Twitter. While some people don’t like to talk about the charities they support, others are proud to be involved and will happily share that they’ve done something good, encouraging their friends to do the same.

A Blog

Static pages that explain what you do are not enough to make your cause stand out in the Web 2.0 age. You need a blog with interesting content that people who are likely to support you will want to read and share. This also gives you a great way to showcase the good work you do and show donors where their money goes.

Of course, there are lots of great features you can put on your site, but these three are essentials that will help you to greater success with your non-profit.