The Benefits of Outsourcing a Mobile Compatibility Company

The Benefits of Outsourcing a Mobile Compatibility Company

Did you know that according to Google over 75{f48cdb843be78821f3e6bad1e0e37d22b133730599e0a9a60c52ba26b491813c} of Internet users primarily browse on their mobile devices? That means that over half of your possible customer base is going to need a site that they can easily browse on their iPad, smartphone, or other mobile device. The bottom line is that if you want to have a successful online market presence you′re going to need to have a website that is mobile compatible.


That need is now being met by companies that translate your current website to something more optimal for mobile browsers.   Certainly, you could choose to do this project by yourself or use free services. However, there are many benefits to choosing a paid service to handle the conversion. Two of the most important reasons are money and quality assurance.

Cost Effective

Even if you know a lot about creating a website online, making that website mobile compatible can be a chore. For starters you have to select the images that will scale properly, possibly change your layout, and wonder if certain text and buttons will be viable. There is a huge difference between screens and resolution in mobile devices and you will have to be able to account for the majority of them. If you′re not a web design guru, then you may simply not have the time to put forth to create a professional, clean, finished product.  Remember that time is money; if you give yourself an hourly wage then that could be your willingness to pay someone else to do the job for you. If it would cost a third party less ″time money″ than it would cost you to do it, then the venture would be considered cost effective.

Quality Assurance

The last thing that you want to hear as a business owner is someone leaving feedback that basically says ″I really wanted to purchase the product, but the mobile site was a nightmare on my device.″ Feedback like that means that you′ve lost money and possibly a future customer. When you get feedback like that you could scramble to try to get it fixed and in the process, break three other things. If you′ve outsourced this job, then the quality assurance is on them to handle. If there are problems, they will be responsible to come back and fix them. Not only does this free you up to try to smooth things over with your potential customer and save the deal, but it means that you′re not going to have to worry about these issues blindsiding you in the future.

Third party companies go through and test your website before they release it to you for use. They are going to go out of their way to assure that you′re going to have the widest range of users available to you. They are also going to try to go the extra mile to stay ahead of technology for you. That means that any new devices or updates will be accounted for as part of your working contract.

In the end, what you do is up to you. However, running the numbers may lead you to the idea that doing it yourself is costing you a lot of money. That money could be better used on the professionals.